Finance Monthly CEO Awards 2014 Winners AnnouncedtxtNation’s CEO, Michael Whelan has been named as a winner of the Finance Monthly CEO Award, which celebrates the success, innovation and vision of CEOs across a number of different sectors across the world.

Other CEOs named as award winners include Dido Harding of TalkTalk, Ana Patricia Botín of Santander and Randall Stephenson of AT&T.

The award recognises a extraordinary individuals who have shown the strategic foresight and leadership to deliver superior performance over the past 12 months, effectively managed all key stakeholders and prepared the organisation for the next phase of growth, and in the process, helped create an enduring organisation which has had a deep beneficial impact on a wider community and society at large.

Michael Whelan, commented on receiving this award: “I am grateful to accept this award, showcasing all the hard work through innovation over the last several years and also the development of next stage of the plan.”

Over the previous several months Finance Monthly’s research department has undertaken extensive research to identify some of the most successful and forward-thinking CEOs in business today.

Editor-in-chief, Mark Palmer commented: “The success of every organisation is down to the depth of talent that it is able to attract and the ability of a CEO to deliver commercial success by unlocking that talent. The CEOs listed within Finance Monthly’s CEO Awards publication are proven corporate leaders who deliver results and have achieved considerable success in their respective sectors.”

Michael Whelan co-founded txtNation, along with current Managing Director, Jon Rowsell over 10 years ago. The business is now one of the world’s most successful and trusted providers of mobile billing and messaging solutions.

txtNation is delighted to announce the addition of IMSI lookups to our existing stable of HLR and other lookup services in select destinations and on a case approval basis. New features provide a new level of detail about the end user’s status allowing you to offer timely, tailored new services of relevance to your customers.

This addition is the most recent of a number of improvements to the features and coverage of our HLR lookup services, which offer amazing global reach and a number of options and price points to suit many use cases.

Our team are on hand to discuss all our options with you, including several APIs that are easy to integrate, allowing you to get started today.

This follows txtNation’s launch of its Enhanced Number Lookup Services. Number lookups allow businesses to clean their data lists, therefore saving money on their SMS marketing and mobile billing.

The heavily updated HLR options from txtNation includes more data sources, including localised data checking to provide the best possible information available in real-time. Businesses can now benefit from updated coverage into more networks globally, with pinpoint accuracy.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your business can benefit from txtNation’s Number Lookup solutions, please contact us. Read more on our HLR Lookup options.

Developers, jump straight in - see our HLR API.

txtNation offers mobile payments in Switzerland, with its web optimised payment solution, enabling businesses to increase their conversion rates by offering a simple and seamless customer experience.

The Market:
Switzerland has a population of nearly 8 million and a mobile penetration rate of just over 120%. The internet penetration rate is just over 85%, with nearly 7 million users, putting the country 19th in the world. There are around 3.5 million fixed broadband users and 3.5 million mobile broadband users.

The Solution:
txtNation has linked up with the mobile network operators Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise, bringing your business to nearly 9.8 million mobile handsets in Switzerland. Our web optimised payment flow enables users to easily purchase, being charged to their mobile phone contract or pre-paid credit.

Due to our direct network connections, we can offer great payout rates. Our API is easy to integrate and our support team can help you set up quickly and easily.

Direct Operator billing is available in Swisscom with over 60% of the market share and Premium SMS across Orange and Sunrise.


Mobile customers enter their mobile number into the web page and click a button to confirm. They are then sent a Free MT message with a One-Time-Password or PIN to confirm payment.

Header Enrichment also known as MSIDSN capture for Single-Click is also available on application for mobile web flow.

Orange and Sunrise
Mobile customers enter their mobile number into the web or mobile web page and click a button to confirm. They are then sent a Free MT message – a One-Time-Password or PIN to confirm payment. MO opt-in is also available.


If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from mobile billing in Switzerland, please contact us.

KissMyAdsWe have recently partnered with mobile advertising network, KissMyAds. A number of businesses we provide mobile billing solutions for, already work with the mobile ad network to bring in relevant traffic to their mobile optimised websites.

Using state-of-the-art web technology, KissMyAds offers customised and targeted mobile ad solutions, allowing clients to easily purchase mobile traffic. With KMA’s mobile advertising services, and txtNation’s seamless mobile payment solutions, the customer gets a quick and easy journey from awareness to action.

Consumers are shown a targeted advert on their mobile phones, when browsing the mobile web, they then click through to a mobile site, decide to purchase and are offered a mobile optimised payment solution from txtNation.

When using advertising and affiliate marketing, there are rules and regulations in certain countries. To ensure you get the most out of the service, read our article ‘Affiliate Marketing: Best Practice.

For more information on KissMyAds, visit their website, or sign up here.

Earlier this year, we launched our Russian Mobile Operator Billing solution, enabling businesses to take advantage of our high payouts and easy integration. Now, we look at key information about the market and discuss reasons to operate there, through mobile.

The Market:
With the highest mobile penetration of all the BRIC countries, at 162.36%, and a population of over 143 million, Russia is a big market to enter. Having experienced a lot of growth in the usage of mobile internet in recent years, 31.4% of Russians accessed the web on their handsets last year, which is up on 21% in 2012 and 17% in 2011.

In Russia, the majority of mobile internet users are 18-24 year olds, followed closely by 25-34 year olds. This is a key demographic for mobile payments. Credit card payments can cause high drop-off rates, due to the long payment process on mobile, so our Mobile Operator Billing solution can solve this.

The Solution:
txtNation can offer mobile web optimised payments in Russia with a seamless payment process. We can offer a large tariff range from 1rub to 5000rub as well as full technical and compliance support and dedicated account management to ensure an easy setup process.

Our Mobile Operator Billing solution allows a user to simply enter their mobile number and be charged to their contract or pre-paid credit.

Single Click:
With MSISDN forwarding, we can offer single-click mobile payments. The user’s mobile number is detected, and they therefore cut out one step of the process. They can simply click a button to pay. This is only available through application on the MTS network.

If you would like to discuss our mobile billing solutions and how they can help your business, please contact us

Accept Mobile Payments in Russia.

txtNation attended the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam last week as a trusted provider of mobile billing and messaging solutions for the iGaming industry. The iGaming Super Show is one of the largest gaming and gambling events in Europe, attracting operators from all over the world. You can see our photos from the event below:

Read more about our billing solutions for mobile gaming and gambling.

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txtNation has now launched enhanced features to its Mobile Number Lookup services, adding more information and options for clients.

The new features include several new routes to cater for the growing demand and changeability in local network porting. txtNation are using more data sources, localised data checking and more real-time information, allowing businesses to make the most of the number lookup services.

HLR lookups allow businesses to clean their data lists, therefore saving money on their SMS marketing and mobile billing. txtNation now offers different plans, to cater to the needs of businesses.

Feature Output HLR Lookup Real Time Look Up
Database scrub Error notification Yes Yes
MNP status, Billing & Routing  MCC + MNC Yes Yes
Location Country, Roaming flag No Yes
Subscriber Information Output No Yes
Subscriber Information Portability flag No Yes
Original network status Number range identity No Yes

You can run these services through txtNation’s API or through the online MyHLR web platform.

Clients who wish to access number look-up services will need to contact their Account Manager about getting the right credit.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your business can benefit from txtNation’s HLR and MNP solutions, please contact us quoting “HLR new route.” Read more on our HLR Lookup options.

Developers, jump straight in - see our HLR API.


To tie in with the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, now is a good time to discuss two of the biggest issues for gaming and gambling operators, conversion and retention. Mobile messaging can directly solve the problems

According to Juniper Research, 64 million people used mobile devices to gamble in 2013 and that figure will rise to 164 million in 2018. The customer journey on mobile is hugely important for gaming and gambling operators.

Single Click Mobile PaymentsIncrease Conversion Rates
A long payment process can cause huge drop-offs, and complicated credit card forms do not offer a good user experience. Mobile payments are simple and quick. The user doesn’t need to register or fill in long forms and with our Payforit solution in the UK, can purchase with a single click.

For more information, read our blog post Monetising Mobile: Gaming and Gambling.

Increase Retention
SMS messaging can reach players direct to their handsets, with higher open rates than email. As players are currently using gambling and gaming services on mobile more than ever, mobile messaging is becoming more and more effective as a retention tool.

SMS can be used for:

  • Welcome Messages
  • Reminders
  • Offers
  • Notifications

Read more in our blog post Re-activating and Retaining iGaming Customers through Mobile.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the iGaming Super Show, or to arrange a call, please contact us.

txtNation at iGaming Super ShowMembers of txtNation’s Business Development team will be attending the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam 24th – 27th June.

The iGaming Super Show is the biggest dedicated iGaming exhibition and conference, covering payments, player acquisition, sports betting, binary/financial and affiliate topics.

txtNation has worked with a number of businesses in the gambling and gaming space, enabling them to accept mobile payments to increase conversion rates and use SMS messaging for acquisition and retention.

Mobile gaming and gambling has grown a huge amount in recent years, and continues to do so. At the iGaming Super Show, txtNation will be discussing the best ways to make use of this boom, through mobile billing and messaging.

You can watch our recent webinar, Increasing Conversion and Retention for iGaming to find out why mobile billing and messaging are key to growth through mobile.

Michael Greenberg, txtNation’s NBDO for iGaming, who will be attending the show commented “iGaming Super Show is one of the biggest events in the industry. We are looking forward to working with even more Gaming and Gambling clients as we help them to increase conversion and retention rates.”

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss mobile billing and messaging solutions for the iGaming industry, please contact us.