According to recent estimates by eMarketer, nearly half of Western Europeans will use the mobile web this year.

In 2012, 31.7% of Western Europeans used the mobile internet, with 40% in 2013 and an estimated 48.2% in 2014. Norway is the leading country in the region, with an expected 63.5% mobile internet user penetration next year, with Denmark and Sweden a few points behind.

Mobile phone internet usage in Western Europe is expected to grow steadily, mainly due to an increase in the amount of smartphones owned in the region.

eMarketer also predicts that in 2015, mobile phone internet user penetration in Western Europe will reach 56.2%, 61.7% in 2016 and 66% in 2017, with Norway expected to reach 81.9%.

In order for businesses to make the most of the growth in use of mobile internet, accepting mobile payments is a must. Mobile payments offer higher conversion rates than credit card, when offered on mobile devices, due to a better customer experience.

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