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4T Mobile Payments DenmarkBusiness worldwide can enjoy even better mobile billing in Denmark as 4T Mobile Payments becomes available on txtNation’s platform. The new cooperation enables clients to be set up with shorter lead times, and with coverage across 100% of the country.

4T Mobile Payments is a joint venture established by Denmark’s four mobile operators; TDC, Telenor, Telia and 3 (Hi3G). 4T Mobile Payments will develop both the existing market for premium SMSes, and launch new mobile payment and wallet solutions, to both online and physical sale.

This move follows on from the traditional Premium SMS and on-net billing more familiar to end-users and businesses in Denmark. txtNation’s direct operator connections to TDC, Telenor, Telia and 3 enable 4T transnationals to become seamless.

Denmark’s population of over 5.5 million, with a mobile penetration of over 160% and an average income of over $37k, make it an attractive market. Mobile payments have already become popular in the country, as with the rest of the Nordics, where end-users often pay for digital goods, bus and parking tickets with their mobile phones, being charged to their bills or pre-paid credit.

Duncan Morton, Account Manager at txtNation commented “We have worked hard to build our direct connections in Denmark, allowing us to make 4T Mobile Payments available on our platform, allowing our clients to easily set up with great payouts. This, along with our coverage of Sweden, Finland and Norway gives businesses incentive to operate with us throughout the Nordics.”

txtNation recently deployed their latest client into the Danish Market, Buy Game Credit, a service that sells Microsoft Xbox points using mobile payments. Having already gone live in other markets, Buy Game Credit have taken advantage of txtNation’s direct connectivity with MNOs in Denmark.

Read more about txtNation’s 4T Mobile Payments solution as well as its mobile billing and mobile messaging coverage in Denmark.

17.07.2013 - txtNation transition to 4T Denmark

Following hot on the heels of our new WyWallet billing options in Sweden, the Nordics are set to enjoy even better billing through the 4T alliance as Denmark improves its offerings.


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Following hot on the heels of our new WyWallet billing options in Sweden, the Nordics are set to enjoy even better billing through the 4T alliance as Denmark improves its offerings.

This will enable us to set up your account in Denmark more quickly and efficiently than before. It opens the door to allowing end users to pay for services via their credit cards instead of their mobile phone and sets the scene for future improvements to encourage and support premium in Denmark.

We aim to provide this new service within the next month.

4T have learned lessons from their WyWallet-branded service, which forced Swedish consumers to register before they could pay. 4T in Denmark does not require such registration, meaning friction-free billing in that market.

The mobile networks behind the 4T alliance – Telia, Telenor, Tele2 and 3 (Tre) — have joined forces to make delivering premium services even easier to set up, allowing aggregators like txtNation to get clients live in this vibrant market with shorter lead times and bureaucracy.

If you are new to premium services in the Nordics, please talk to us so that we can explain the advantages of using txtNation’s first tier platform.

16.01.2013 – Improvements in Denmark

txtNation is offering improved rates and coverage in Denmark.



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Mobile Web Optimised Payments

Why Use Mobile Web Optimised Mobile Billing?

We recently announced that growing web trends have moved us towards ‘Single Click’ payments, for the optimum customer experience when used on mobile handsets. We have seen many businesses requiring better customer journeys on mobile, rather than optimising first for the traditional web.

As we are launching mobile web optimised payments across a number of countries this year, the infographic below explains the reasons why now is the right time for you to enable your customers to pay by mobile, with our optimum solutions.

Recent statistics show us that more and more people are accessing webpages through their mobile handsets. Mobile’s share of webpage views has gone from 4.5% in 2011 to 28.7% in 2014. It is likely that this trend continues for years to come. Almost 80% of internet users across the world use the mobile web. This means that many users are accessing the internet on their handsets as well as on their desktops. Both of these statistics show the growing need for a mobile optimised customer journey.

The growth in internet use on mobile handsets is largely due to the growth of smartphone penetration, with smartphone users worldwide totalling 1.75 billion this year.

infographic - Single Click 

txtNation will be announcing further mobile optimised flows using operator billing in a number of different countries over the coming months. The business will be showcasing Single Click in the following countries:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • KSA
  • Russia
  • South Africa

To find out how your business can benefit from mobile web optimised payments, contact us.

Mobile Payments optimised for Mobile Web

2014 is already looking to be a year in which mobile web-optimised payments become more important than traditional web-optimised mobile payments. Having seen the growth in mobile web traffic in recent years, txtNation have invested into developing their billing solutions, allowing for the best possible experience when accessed on a mobile data connection.

Recent statistics show that almost 80% of internet users are mobile web users, due to the rise in smartphone penetration. This year, smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion. Alongside this, txtNation has seen a rise in the amount of service providers requesting easier payment processes, specifically optimised for the mobile web for example, mobile and tablet. Coinciding with this is a drop in requests and activations for traditional web-optimised mobile payment solutions for example, desktop.

To ensure that its clients get the highest conversion rates as the trends shift, txtNation has been leveraging its direct operator connections, consolidating the work it has previously done, optimising for traditional web and re-working for mobile web.

Throughout the course of this year, txtNation will be releasing the most optimal payment experiences for mobile web in a number of countries, with a focus on ‘Single Click’ billing and moving away from PIN and Premium SMS based payments. This is a push to reduce abandonment rates caused by session exits at the point of purchase and therefore increase conversions.

Michael Whelan, txtNation’s CEO commented “We have been working on optimum flows for mobile web billing for some time now and are releasing these over the course of the next several months for service providers to leverage. We have seen less need for buzzwords such as Header Enrichment, Direct Operator Billing and MSISDN Forwarding and more of a straight-forward focus, simplifying the payment process for the smartphone user.”

Going further still, in markets where ‘Single Click’ via operator billing on the mobile web is unavailable, the award-winning mobile billing and messaging company offers alternative optimal payment flows to boost customer acquisition, for example using a flash SMS to deliver a PIN, as a result keeping the customer in the mobile session.

Whelan added “We’ve been in business for over 10 years and one key to our success has been our ability to adapt to change, the latest being the growth in mobile internet. Whereas we used to see a number of businesses we work with look to use operator billing solutions solely on the traditional web, we are now seeing a considerable shift towards a need to cater first and foremost for the mobile web experience.”

txtNation will be announcing further mobile optimised flows using operator billing in a number of different countries over the coming months, as part of their focus on client demand and customer experience. The business will be showcasing Single Click in the following countries:

South Africa

According to recent estimates by eMarketer, nearly half of Western Europeans will use the mobile web this year.

In 2012, 31.7% of Western Europeans used the mobile internet, with 40% in 2013 and an estimated 48.2% in 2014. Norway is the leading country in the region, with an expected 63.5% mobile internet user penetration next year, with Denmark and Sweden a few points behind.

Mobile phone internet usage in Western Europe is expected to grow steadily, mainly due to an increase in the amount of smartphones owned in the region.

eMarketer also predicts that in 2015, mobile phone internet user penetration in Western Europe will reach 56.2%, 61.7% in 2016 and 66% in 2017, with Norway expected to reach 81.9%.

In order for businesses to make the most of the growth in use of mobile internet, accepting mobile payments is a must. Mobile payments offer higher conversion rates than credit card, when offered on mobile devices, due to a better customer experience.

Find out more about how mobile billing can benefit your business by contacting txtNation.

2013 : Mobile Billing and Mobile Marketing

As expected by many, 2013 has seen a huge increase in the number of smartphones in use across the world, as well as more people using their handsets to access the internet. This has had an impact on the mobile billing and messaging industries, with a growing need to expand into more and more markets throughout the year.

Recent research by eMarketer suggests that there are now 30.9m smartphone users in the UK, which is over 60% of all mobile users. According to research reported in Marketing Magazine earlier in the year, over 50% of the global population accesses mobile internet at least once a week, with 35% using it daily.

Global Coverage
With a finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, txtNation made some big steps forward, catering to the growing demand. 2013 has seen txtNation expand its global reach, with direct connectivity in Switzerland and Belgium and the launch of 4T Mobile Payments in Denmark.

As mobile billing becomes more and more popular in the United Kingdom, Payforit released version 4 of its payment solution. In November, it was announced that version 4.4 would be released, with a number of changes to improve the customer experience. As a brand, Payforit has made an impact, with consumer trust growing, which can only be a good thing for businesses that accept mobile payments in the UK.

As txtNation expanded globally in its coverage, a number of new appointments in relevant markets were made. Matt Barbieri, joined as Territory Manager for Africa, Andrew Rippon as Territory Manager for the Middle East and most recently, Hans Tjolle was appointed Territory Manager for Benelux.

External Changes
During quarter 3 of 2013, it was announced that mobile networks in Ireland would be blocking any off-net or foreign traffic. This has looked to become a trend throughout other countries too, which is bad news for those offering low quality messaging routes, but better for businesses in the long run, as they will have less chance of working with aggregators who offer these cheaper options.

In the summer, Sweden’s WyWallet scrapped its registration process, as it looked to improve the customer journey and increase conversion rates. Mobile payments in the Nordics has been healthy over the last year, with the networks really working hard to build consumer trust.

In the United States, new regulations came into force from the Mobile Network Operators, stopping charges for premium SMS, meaning businesses can no longer use PSMS as a solution for monetizing services in the USA. This came into effect in November of this year.

For txtNation, 2013 was a big year, as not only did we reach our 10th birthday, following our growth from a bedroom business in 2002, but we also expanded, by acquiring South Africa and UK based 24G Media. We launched USSD menus and released our next generation control panel, MytxtNation.

Calvinayre.comMobile Payments for iGaming
Gaming and Gambling is one industry that has shown a lot of recent growth on mobile, and mobile payments has, in 2013, become a talking point for many operators. This year, txtNation attended many gaming and gambling specific events, including EiG Totally Gaming in Barcelona, Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit, mGaming Summit, Social Gaming Summit and Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit, where our CEO, Michael Whelan was interviewed by Rebecca Liggero of Calvin about mobile payments.

2013 Awards and Achievements
This year saw us nominated for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in the ‘Best m-commerce solution’ category for our flagship ‘plug-and-pay’ billing solution JunglePay. We were named among Top 50 Mobile Innovators by Mobile Entertainment Magazine and nominated in the ‘Best Mobile Payments Company’ category in the Mobile Entertainment Awards as well as numerous others.

Mobile has grown in importance in 2013, with many businesses seeing the need to optimise the full user journey, from marketing and website to payment process. We have seen some exciting stories develop in mobile payments, with Buy Game Credit enabling Xbox players to purchase points via their handsets, and mobile dating site BeFlirty seeing a huge increase in revenue following their integration of Payforit with txtNation.

If you would like to discuss mobile billing and mobile messaging with us, to help your business increase profits in 2014, please contact us.