The importance of mobile for gambing and gaming in recent years is clear, with players more often, choosing to play on their handsets, and operators looking to cater to their needs. In our latest webinar, Michael Greenberg, txtNation’s NBDO for iGaming discussed ways to increase conversion rates and retain and re-activate current and lapsed customers, using mobile.

You can see the recording of our webinar below:

Recorded Webinar – Increasing Conversion and Retention for iGaming from txtNation on Vimeo.

If you would like to discuss anything raised in our webinar, please contact Michael Greenberg.

Overcoming the Challenges of Going Mobile

Going mobile can be a big step for any business and as with any change, it brings a number of challenges. With the growth in smartphone penetration around the world, many predict 2014 to be the year of mobile.

As ICE Totally Gaming approaches, and many gambling operators are looking to step up their mobile presence, it is important to be aware of the challenges and how to overcome them. Here are three issues that you may face when planning your strategy.

The closer to the consumer your message is, the more targeted it needs to be. When customers see billboard or magazine advertisements, this impersonal approach doesn’t annoy them, however, as we move to more personal forms of communication, for example, to their mobile handset, the communication needs to be targeted specifically to them.

With bulk SMS marketing, customers can be targeted, much like they can with email marketing. txtNation also offer highly targeted and cleaned datalists, so your initial communication with potential customers is efficient.

This is a potential challenge across many areas, however, when looking to offer the ability to pay by mobile, it is key that you look to use a provider with a good amount of coverage. You can see our coverage section for more information on the countries which which we offer mobile messaging and billing services.

When optimising for mobile, the whole customer journey should be considered. Building awareness on mobile can be through mobile ads, bulk SMS marketing and augumented reality or other forms of linking offline with mobile, among other options.

Social media can be optimised by considering the user experience for your customers if they access Facebook and Twitter on their handsets. Shorter posts, visual if possible, ideally with as much as possible covered in the post itself, rather than redirecting them to other websites.

We’ve all been hearing plenty of experts tell us to optimise our websites for mobile, with responsive seemingly the current norm. However, once your customers reach the payment screen, the process needs to be as streamlined as possible. A fiddly credit card form on a mobile handset will result in a low conversion rate, however, a simple mobile payments solution will allow end-users to make payments quickly and easily, without dropping off.


txtNation will be exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming at ExCeL London, 4th – 6th February at stand N12-252. If you would like to book a meeting with us to discuss mobile payments and mobile messaging, please contact us.

Mobile Gambling, the importance of going mobile

As ICE Totally Gaming, the largest, most comprehensive and international B2B gaming exhibition in the world approaches, now is the time to look at the iGaming space, and the importance of moving across to mobile for marketing and payments.

Statistics show us that operators offering services across mobile and desktop see 50% of their customers using both to play, with 30% using only their handsets. We also know that the amount of gambling related search queries from mobile handsets has seen huge growth in recent years.

According to research by Gaming Club, the mobile gambling market it set to be worth more than $100 billion by 2017, due to the growth in smartphone use, allowing for easier access on the go.

Along with the improved experience for end-users, the growth in mobile gambling also offers a number of benefits to operators. With players always available to connect, a strong communication strategy can bring them onto the mobile site or app at any time, allowing for timely marketing, based around external events or internal offers.

Mobile Messaging for iGamingBefore mobile devices grew in popularity, when end-users accessed online games only on their desktops, the methods of communication that reached them where they played, were online advertising, website and email. Now that users are on mobile, they can be reached by far more communication methods, where they play, including SMS messaging, which has far higher open and response rates than email.

It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email, but just 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. SMS is a seriously powerful tool for communicating with customers. Gambling operators that don’t take advantage of this, miss out on potentially regular communication with players, direct to their handsets.

Direct Mobile Billing for GamingAs well as marketing, another way to take advantage of the growth in mobile gambling is through the increased conversion rates of mobile payments. As customers use smaller screens on their mobiles compared to desktop, entering credit card details can be fiddly. Mobile payments are simple, fast and don’t result in as many drop-offs.

Michael Greenberg, txtNation’s NBDO for iGaming commented “Mobile gambling and gaming has gone from niche to mainstream in a relatively short amount of time. If recent figures are anything to go by, we have even more growth to look forward to, but more importantly, to prepare for.”

txtNation will be exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming at ExCeL London, 4th – 6th February at stand N12-252. If you would like to book a meeting with us, please contact us.

Mobile Gaming and Mobile Gambling

Recent statistics from gambling operators that offer services across mobile and desktop show that 50% of their customers use their handsets as well as computers to play and 30% solely use mobile, highlighting the importance of mobile for gaming and gambling.

Several members of txtNation’s Business Development will be attending EiG Totally Gaming in Barcelona 8th-10th October. As an award-winning provider of mobile billing and marketing solutions, txtNation is able to help operators adapt to the shift from desktop to mobile.

As customers shift to mobile, the ideal move for operators is to offer the option of mobile payments for topping up credits and to use bulk SMS for customer acquisition.

Alongside these recent findings, research by Stickyeyes digital marketing agency shows that during 2012, search queries for mobile gambling related queries from mobile devices grew by 75%, with “sports betting” taking the largest share. It’s not surprising that most listed and betting gaming companies have reported a significant growth in their number of mobile users recently.

  • Players are constantly available to connect.
  • The ability to communicate with bulk SMS marketing without spam or junk inboxes.
  • Quicker payments.
  • Increased customer loyalty as users are less likely to change brands once an app has been downloaded or a website bookmarked on device.

The movement of customers to mobile for gambling and gaming means operators need to adapt with mobile payments and SMS marketing, however, this is a positive move as it means more opportunity for constant sales, reaching new customers and offering a better customer experience. For more information, read our new blogs, ‘Increasing member acquisition and retention with SMS marketing‘ and ‘Mobile Payment Strategies for Gaming and Gambling.’

Find out about txtNation’s billing solutions for mobile gaming and gambling or contact us to find out more about our in-app billing or for technical information read more on our Wiki.
If you are attending EiG Totally Gaming in Barcelona and would like to arrange a meeting with us, please contact us.

Making Money from In-App Billing and In-App MessagingAs Apps World Asia approaches and many predict that the region will be the global apps hotspot, now is a great time to look at the In-App Billing and In-App Messaging solutions that txtNation can offer.

In-App Billing
When looking to monetise an application, without relying on advertising, In-App Billing offers the option of a smooth transaction without taking away from the user experience. Generally, it is completed via the application by sending an SMS to a shortcode.

There are varying degrees of sophistication, depending on the app. Some applications can receive and interpret the premium SMS, then inform the end user that their payment has been successful. It is also possible for apps to require users to enter a code or password they receive in the text message, in order to activate a service.

Using In-App Billing, it is possible to set up subscription services, based on a recurrent time period. These can be renewed or cancelled in-app.

Smart Application Billing allows app stores to charge for app downloads, permitting the charge to come from the mobile application itself. This combines Direct Operator Billing; Premium SMS Messaging and WAP Billing.

In-App Messaging
When creating an application, you want your users to interact with it and use it as often as possible. In-App Messaging allows the use of bulk SMS within the app. This can be used to notify users of any changes that affect them, e.g. updates, appointments and notifications, giving them reason to return to the application.

In-App Messaging can be used to send ‘refer a friend’ messages to users’ friends, harnessing the power of social proof to increase your user base.

In bound SMS services allow users to update information on the application via SMS. This, along with outbound, as mentioned above, is especially useful in areas with poor 3G connectivity, so users can keep an interaction with the application through their mobile connection.

Contact us to find out more about our In-App Billing and In-App Messaging or for technical information read more on our Wiki.

Following hot on the heels of our new WyWallet billing options in Sweden, the Nordics are set to enjoy even better billing through the 4T alliance as Denmark improves its offerings.

This will enable us to set up your account in Denmark more quickly and efficiently than before. It opens the door to allowing end users to pay for services via their credit cards instead of their mobile phone and sets the scene for future improvements to encourage and support premium in Denmark.

We aim to provide this new service within the next month.

4T have learned lessons from their WyWallet-branded service, which forced Swedish consumers to register before they could pay. 4T in Denmark does not require such registration, meaning friction-free billing in that market.

The mobile networks behind the 4T alliance – Telia, Telenor, Tele2 and 3 (Tre) — have joined forces to make delivering premium services even easier to set up, allowing aggregators like txtNation to get clients live in this vibrant market with shorter lead times and bureaucracy.

If you are new to premium services in the Nordics, please talk to us so that we can explain the advantages of using txtNation’s first tier platform.

txtNation was delighted to attend a Payforit Summit looking forward to exciting changes to the premium rate landscape encouraged by the rise of Payforit as a front-and-centre payment mechanism in the UK.

It was our opportunity to listen to those in the industry with a particular expertise in this field. Following introductory talks in the morning, we moved on to various practical meetings in the afternoon regarding regulatory and user trends.

The day was filled with informative insights from the likes of Vodafone, together with specific guidance on everything from regulations to digital marketing.

Highlights included a heads-up on unique new opt-in methods, the growth of in-app payments, and even in-store gateways for retailers.

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txtNation have introduced a new chat feature into all tickets on our support system. Simply click the chat link inside your ticket to speak directly with the member of staff that is handling your issue. Benefits to using this include:

  • Receiving quicker answers
  • Discuss issues you are unsure of in more detail.
  • Voice and video chat.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Manned by the whole support team, so someone will always be available (rather than relying on single Skype contacts).
  • All chats logged into a Zendesk ticket for future reference.

We see such tools as improving the ways in which we can reach out to our clients. Please let us know what you think about this feature or if you have any other ideas about how we can improve our support offerings to you.

txtNation attended Google’s invitation-only Atmosphere event in the heart of the City of London, at Whitbread’s original brewery. Atmosphere is an annual event where business leaders meet to engage with Google. The search advertising giant presents on a number of topics, including “making better decisions”, “transforming your business”, and “working the way you live”.


Amit Singh, President of Google Enterprise, kicked off the day with an informative talk, predominantly making the point that they see their future as heavily focused on mobile both at Google and everywhere throughout the world; key points:

This quarter for the first time worldwide there are more tablet and smartphone users than desktop PCs.

  • In India there are more mobile internet users than broadband.
  • There were 450 million Gmail users last year and 915m this year.
  • 58% of Fortune 500 companies are using Google enterprise, users are no longer early adopters, they are the majority.
  • The Eurovision final this weekend used Google’s cloud server processing for scale and speed.

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Why Mobile Payments for Gambling?

Mobile gambling is beginning to deliver. Find out how using mobile payments; Direct Carrier Billing, brings new opportunities for gambling companies.

“Many in the industry are already accepting the initial higher transaction fee for mobile payments as part of their marketing cost and benefiting from much higher new player acquisitions on the mobile.”

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