Following on from an earlier blog on OBS in South Africa aka. Direct Billing more information can be found below on this lucrative market.

Before launching a service requires approval from WASPA. This can take up to 2 weeks.

Service Types

  • All services allowed.
  • If adult must be glamour.
  • If doing Quiz an element of Skill and, or if subscriptions mix with other services.
  • The is no Age verification required.


Subscription flow on Mobile Web (WAP):

1. Landing page

2. User selects what they want

3. Payment page

4. Confirmation page

5. Subscription starts

Users on mobile web using (non WIFI) 3G will be recognised using header enrichment.


Subscription flow WIFI:

1. Landing page

2. User selects what they want

3. MSISDN entered

4. User receives an SMS with link:  Vodacom: Confirm with SMS.  CellC, MTN: open link and click confirm

5. Confirmation page

6. Subscription starts


Billing Page i.e. Network Hosted Page – all Operators Framework:


1. Header: Service provider  Price per day/week

2. Preview of the service (logo etc.)

3. Button (for example “Click here to start”)

4. Footer: Information about the subscription, General conditions, Privacy information, Helpdesk, Compatibility, Unsubscription info



Network Hosted Payment Pages

Direct Billing South Africa txtNation


General Caveats

  • The maximum price point used to be R200 per month.
  • There is no longer this price restriction in South Africa.
  • For Cell C retry is allowed 4 times a day without extra costs.
  • For MTN retry is allowed 4 times a day as well, but the costs are R0,05 per try. Therefore, not recommended to use retry options for MTN. When a user is not chargeable for 30 days in a row, the user will be unsubscribed from the service.


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 *With approval.

We recently announced the launch of our mobile billing solution in Kenya, using Premium SMS. Kenya’s mobile content and commerce activity is growing at a rapid pace, meaning, accepting mobile payments in Kenya is a huge opportunity, as explained in our infographic below:

Mobile Payments in Kenya

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