We work with many dating and social sites across the web. Some use mobile billing alongside other methods of payment i.e. credit card, others have moved to just supporting purely Mobile Billing – ‘Pay by Mobile’ due to the huge benefits it brings.

The most common use of ‘Pay by Mobile’ across dating and social sites can be seen in two main areas:

Virtual Currency


Pay by Mobile

For low cost ‘virtual’ items, mobile billing is key. Who wants to pay on their credit card for a product under 10 euro when they can charge instantly to their phone account, seamlessly.

Virtual Items




Loveleap Mobile Site

Allow users to pay for membership for a week or a month using Operator Billing. Pay by SMS!


Uplift from using Direct Operator Billing

Sites that use our billing report an uplift in sales unlike any other billing platform. On mainstream sites mobile billing has seen a 20%+ increase to their existing revenues from customer payments. Mobile Billing is the most common and ubiquitous tool and of course dating and social sites realise consumer choice is always a positive in terms of end-user conversions.

In mobile dating, customers are also attracted to the anonymity that mobile operator billing provides. Combine this with the level of credit card penetration in many worldwide markets being low. So, mobile billing, is even more important in these markets.

Speed to pay

No forms to fill out. Everyone has a mobile phone. Not everyone has a credit card or wants to use it for dating or social sites.

All the customers need to do to pay is send an SMS (or click a link!). We handle everything else from that point on. Several seconds later and the payment is made. Perfect for digital items such as Virtual Currency as example above.

usatxtNation recently announced the launch of its new Direct Carrier Billing solution in the United States.

The USA connectivity has huge opportunity for a vast range of business models. By using txtNation’s Direct carrier billing solution, you will open up new doors and territories for your business.

txtNation Account Manager, Ana Reed Davies explains some of the benefits of using the solution:

  • Easy compliance checks: Gaining entry to the US market via mobile payments can usually be very difficult. This is down to the vast range of carriers that your business needs to gain approval from. With our new DCB solution you are blanketed under txtNation’s stringent policies allowing you easy passage to the market.
  • Initial screenHigher out payments: Premium SMS can mean a more expensive way of selling your products, although this improves your conversion rate which cancels out the higher transaction costs. This being said higher out payments from the new DCB solution are always welcome and will help to maintain a higher revenue share for you.
  • Easy integration with our Single API means that if you are already connected in other markets, this will be streamlined and simple.
  • The pre-built format of the solution provides a clean and professional look; This will help to build consumer trust and may help to improve conversion rates.

For more information, see our Direct Carrier Billing solution page or contact us to find out how it can help your business.

Mobile Payments in the United States with txtNation

Following a successful trial, txtNation has now launched its Direct Carrier Billing solution in the United States, allowing its customers to take mobile payments without facing bureaucratic problems caused by differences between mobile operators.

The new mobile payment option means a seamless purchase process and a better experience for end-users, leading to improved conversion rates.

Many of txtNation’s clients had been calling for an answer to the fragmentation of approach in the US market and so the company has been developing a frictionless payment system for mobile users this year.

The new Direct Carrier Billing (also known as Direct Operator Billing) solution opens the market to those who were previously put off by the difficulties of launching premium services in the United States. The ease of use will potentially also attract many U.S. based businesses that have no experience of using mobile payments.

The service is a simple “plug-and-pay” option for clients wishing to target consumers in the US – with significantly reduced technical and regulatory friction.

Initial screen

Initial screen

Entering your number

Entering your number

Selecting a product

Selecting a product

PIN entry

PIN entry

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Success! Transaction completed.

Success! Transaction completed.

The above screenshots show that the customer experiences a simple, easy-to-use and clean interface with a consistent and friendly payment flow.

Commenting on the launch, txtNation’s Chief Business Development Officer, Danny Marino said “We are proud to announce the addition of USA Direct Carrier Billing to our global billing coverage platform to guarantee a fast, seamless and secure payment process for consumers; and new revenue channels for online merchants.”

Marino added. “We are pleased to be able to offer realisable billing solutions to customers wishing to sell product and services in the USA, gaining access to a huge and affluent mobile market.”

Contact txtNation to find out how direct carrier billing in the United States can benefit your business today.

A recent study has shown that mobile internet use by mobile users in the United States has doubled since 2009, meaning businesses need to adapt their marketing and commerce to cater to the increasingly mobile-savvy customer.

The study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that in 2009, only 31% of American mobile phone owners surfed the web and checked emails on their handsets, however, this year, the percentage has gone up to 63%, almost two thirds of mobile users in the US.

The findings show the importance of being prepared to communicate with your customers via their mobile phone. Businesses are becoming more aware of the need for a mobile website, options for mobile payments as well as an SMS marketing strategy.

As we announced last week, txtNation will soon be releasing Direct Carrier Billing (also known as Direct Operator Billing) in the United States. With the new development, businesses will easily be able to take mobile payments from their customers, giving them an improved user experience when purchasing, especially when using a mobile site. Our statistics show that conversion rates rise to 85% where Direct Operator Billing is available, compared to credit card payments, which can be as low as 7%.

In a recent blog post, SMS for Customer Acquisition, we explained how businesses can make the most of mobile data and bulk SMS marketing to acquire new visitors to their website. As more and more people are using the internet on their handsets, a link in an SMS message becomes more of a slick method of driving customers to a website.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 91% of all Americans use mobiles, meaning 57% of the country’s population are mobile phone owners.

Contact us  to find out how your business can benefit from SMS marketing and mobile payments.

Direct Carrier Billing in the USA

txtNation begins live trials this week to allow clients and consumers to enjoy the superior ease-of-use and simplicity of direct carrier billing (also known as direct operator billing) in the United States.

The new billing option will better unify mobile carrier billing services across the major US mobile networks, cutting lead times and costs. Differences between mobile operators have previously caused bureaucratic problems for clients. This will significantly harmonise services into one distinct platform, backed by txtNation’s technical and support expertise.

txtNation is no stranger to direct carrier billing technology. The UK-based company, recently finding itself on the prestigious Mobile Entertainment Top 50 Mobile Innovators list, has led the way in bringing DOB to market and in accessible new ways. This is on the back of the company’s experience with the UK’s Payforit scheme and Sweden’s WyWallet.

Such developments in the US reduce the difficulties of market and technical fragmentation as well as the lack of consistent usability. Potentially, the new mobile payment option will open the market to those who were previously put off by the difficulties associated with launching premium services in the US.

Ashley Cross, txtNation’s COO, commented that “our worldwide platform is about to bring a whole new level of service to those doing business in the states and we’re excited to see this handed to our clients, many of whom have been calling for such an answer to the fragmentation of approach in that market. This will truly help provide a consistent, frictionless payment system for mobile user in the US.”

Contact us to find out how direct carrier billing in the United States can benefit your business today.

txtNation is gearing up to launch a brand new US premium payment service, giving consumers and businesses alike superior ease of use and simplicity of integration.

The new stateside Direct Operator Billing option will be released by the end of the year and we are excited to share some early screenshots of the payment window to give a flavour of what is to come.

This will better unify premium services cross-network, cutting costs and lead times, and giving a timely boost to client campaigns under challenging economic conditions. It will significantly reduce the differences between mobile operators that were proving a bureaucratic nightmare for our clients.

txtNation’s expert compliance team offers support and guidance on the often complex regulatory side of the US market and will be on hand to help businesses leverage better Direct Operator Billing.

These improvements render our upcoming service more of a simple “plug-and-pay” option for clients wishing to target consumers in the US – significantly reducing regulatory and technical friction.

Initial screen

Initial screen

Entering your number

Entering your number

Selecting a product

Selecting a product

PIN entry

PIN entry

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Success! Transaction completed.

Success! Transaction completed.


As seen in the above screenshots, end users pay in a few clicks via a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface. The consistency and friendliness of the payment flow reduces user confusion and promises to increase conversions and trust.

txtNation has a high level of expertise in Direct Operator Billing technology, having been front-and-centre in bringing the UK’s Payforit scheme to fruition and being the first British company to integrate and support WyWallet in Sweden. The company also consults widely in the industry on new innovations, with ongoing negotiations to kickstart similar payment mechanisms in Ireland, Finland and elsewhere.

Speaking of the development, txtNation COO Ashley Cross said “This has amazing potential to open the market to those who were previously put off by the difficulties of launching premium services in the United States. We can’t wait to put this product into the hands of our clients and to support them to monetise their services.”

Developments in the US mean the difficulties of market and technical fragmentation, and the lack of interoperability, are truly a thing of the past.

Contact us to find out how it can benefit your business today.

Mobile Payments, try JunglePay.

Junglepay is soon to go live with a new self set-up wizard making the set up and creation of Mobile Payment services in a few steps, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our Mobile Payments evolution

The JunglePay wizard will be released September 1, 2011 and will be announced officially when live. txtNation say setting up websites for Mobile Payments has never been easier and invite all service providers to test the new service when live.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding JunglePay and it’s wizard for making the best Mobile Billing campaigns.

See more at http://www.junglepay.com

We wish you a happy, prosperous and totally mobile new year! From the teams at txtNation in the UK and the USA, we hope you have an excellent start to 2009. As we begin our 7th year in business, we hope you will continue on your journey with us. Whether you use our award-winning billing aggregation software or our SMS messaging platform, we want 2009 to be the best year ever for our clients. Watch out for exciting improvements throughout the next 12 months.

We wish all our clients and partners a happy end to 2008. Wherever you are, and whatever holiday traditions you observe, we hope you have a happy and relaxing time.

It has been a busy year in mobile, and we are delighted to have formed connections with diverse businesses all over the world. We look forward to continuing to explore possibilities for new business with you in 2009. 

This is the month to meet us! We’ve got stands at two major exhibitions: ad:tech in London and CTIA in San Francisco. 

The first exhibition will be at CTIA Wireless, which is at Moscone West in San Francisco between 10th-12th September (stand 452). The second will be later in the month at ad:tech at Olympia, London, between 24th-25th (stand 240).

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