We work with many dating and social sites across the web. Some use mobile billing alongside other methods of payment i.e. credit card, others have moved to just supporting purely Mobile Billing – ‘Pay by Mobile’ due to the huge benefits it brings.

The most common use of ‘Pay by Mobile’ across dating and social sites can be seen in two main areas:

Virtual Currency


Pay by Mobile

For low cost ‘virtual’ items, mobile billing is key. Who wants to pay on their credit card for a product under 10 euro when they can charge instantly to their phone account, seamlessly.

Virtual Items




Loveleap Mobile Site

Allow users to pay for membership for a week or a month using Operator Billing. Pay by SMS!


Uplift from using Direct Operator Billing

Sites that use our billing report an uplift in sales unlike any other billing platform. On mainstream sites mobile billing has seen a 20%+ increase to their existing revenues from customer payments. Mobile Billing is the most common and ubiquitous tool and of course dating and social sites realise consumer choice is always a positive in terms of end-user conversions.

In mobile dating, customers are also attracted to the anonymity that mobile operator billing provides. Combine this with the level of credit card penetration in many worldwide markets being low. So, mobile billing, is even more important in these markets.

Speed to pay

No forms to fill out. Everyone has a mobile phone. Not everyone has a credit card or wants to use it for dating or social sites.

All the customers need to do to pay is send an SMS (or click a link!). We handle everything else from that point on. Several seconds later and the payment is made. Perfect for digital items such as Virtual Currency as example above.

Leading mobile billing and messaging provider txtNation announces its acquisition of mobile entertainment outfit 24GMedia.

24GMedia, with headquarters in the UK and South Africa, designs, integrates and maintains consumer-focussed mobile payment apps for top-fight brands such as Pizza Hut and leading operators in online gambling. It specialises in solutions for selling digital and physical goods in a safe, secure and simple manner.

The direct relations and first tier operator connectivity assets of 24GMedia immediately expands txtNation’s existing global platform and is another step in the company’s drive towards bolstering its direct relations with MNOs in its home market.

txtNation’s platform, which recently celebrated its first decade, provides billing access to over 80 mobile operators around the world through a single API and a further 200 for messaging. The acquisition gives txtNation further access to 24GMedia’s strong relationships with MNOs in the UK and beyond to increase value and scalability for its clients.

Read more about the acquisition – see Press Release.


txtNation was delighted to attend a Payforit Summit looking forward to exciting changes to the premium rate landscape encouraged by the rise of Payforit as a front-and-centre payment mechanism in the UK.

It was our opportunity to listen to those in the industry with a particular expertise in this field. Following introductory talks in the morning, we moved on to various practical meetings in the afternoon regarding regulatory and user trends.

The day was filled with informative insights from the likes of Vodafone, together with specific guidance on everything from regulations to digital marketing.

Highlights included a heads-up on unique new opt-in methods, the growth of in-app payments, and even in-store gateways for retailers.

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Why Mobile Payments for Gambling?

Mobile gambling is beginning to deliver. Find out how using mobile payments; Direct Carrier Billing, brings new opportunities for gambling companies.

“Many in the industry are already accepting the initial higher transaction fee for mobile payments as part of their marketing cost and benefiting from much higher new player acquisitions on the mobile.”

View our new Brochure online – Slideshare

txtNation sign on to be become a Sponsor Member at AIME, joining the likes of ITV, paysafecard, paythru and Venista. txtNation will take over mBlox’s spot as a Sponsor Member starting today.


About AIME

The UK based not-for-profit trade organisation representing the commercial interests of member companies involved in the interactive media and entertainment industry – where consumers interact or engage with services across converged media platforms, and pay for services or content using a variety of micro-payment technologies.

Read more about AIME on their website: www.aimelink.org.

txtNation have released a mobile website version.

Available only for people using a mobile device (http://m.txtnation.com), we have released this version of our business website on the back of recently mobilizing our Client Support website, so clients can look up tickets via their mobile phone, without going to a desktop browser.

This complements the newly released mobile version of the txtNation Gateway website (http://m.gateway.txtnation.com).

Later in the year, we have plans to develop our Customer Care on-line support system into a fully fledged mobile version. Stay Tuned!

Our plans are to make all our information and services available on whatever the browser or device. Hey, even this Blog works on a mobile!

JunglePay, our Award-Winning Mobile Payment and Online Billing Solution for Web Sites, Mobile Sites and Applications is now compatible with WordPress.

WordPress is web software you can use to create websites or blog’s. Our JunglePay plug-in for WordPress allows website owners and blogger’s worldwide to charge for their content and / or services using Mobile (SMS), Phone or Credit Card, with no programming required! Simply use the JunglePay Plug-in and enable your site to accept mobile payments and more!

Read more at www.junglepay.com