txtNation is soon launching enhanced features to its Mobile Number Lookup service, providing more precise Mobile Number Portability (MNP) information and more in-depth lookup queries and outputs.

The MNP market is constantly moving so keeping up with this is no easy task. Over 2.3 billion numbers worldwide now have the potential to be ported and with India and China implementing soon, this figure could grow by another 50%.

txtNation is releasing these new MNP services with several new routes being added to cater for the growing demand and changeability in local network porting. This includes multiple routing options per destination to enable far greater testing for clients.

Improvements to txtNation’s HLR
The heavily updated HLR options from txtNation includes more data sources, including localised data checking to provide the best possible information available in real-time. This latest release also includes updated coverage into more networks globally, with pinpoint accuracy.

This news comes as txtNation grows its messaging services and a recent release of messaging into MytxtNation. On top of these features is the ability to select multiple routes per market on request, giving more customisation and testing options.

Using txtNation Advanced HLR for successful Number Portability Checking
For many years, txtNation has provided a high quality, real time number lookup service to clients all over the world. The approved real time lookup service is the most effective solution to access the information you need. txtNation’s global number look-up service has recently been upgraded to provide access to accurate information, even faster than before.

2 Main Options
txtNation extends Number Portability Lookup, and Real Time Lookup (RTLU)

  • Number Portability Lookup: mix of MNP databases and HLR sources. Data is cached for 10 days. No option to set “nocache” parameter.
  • Real-Time Lookup: direct MNO connections only and all information is from live HLR lookups. On this service you have the possibility to set the “no cache” parameter if you do not wish to receive cached results. This service enables customers to further customize network information, tailoring the response further.
Feature Output HLR Lookup Real Time Look Up
Database scrub Error notification Yes Yes
MNP status, Billing & Routing  MCC + MNC Yes Yes
Location Country, Roaming flag No Yes
Subscriber Information Output No Yes
Subscriber Information Portability flag No Yes
Original network status Number range identity No Yes

These will be able to be run through both txtNation’s API or through the on-line MyHLR web platform.

txtNation’s COO, Ashley Cross, commented “The latest HLR updates are a direct result of the requirements of several of our clients’ expansion with Number Lookup. Localised Number Lookup and our experience in bringing HLR to service providers over many years has made us a trusted provider. Our worldwide tier-one, network quality platform, gives our clients access to high quality, local results.”

The enhanced number look up service will be available later this month. Existing clients who wish to access number look-up services will need to contact their Account Manager about getting the right credit.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your business can benefit from txtNation’s HLR and MNP solutions, please contact us quoting “HLR new route.” Read more on our HLR Lookup options.

Developers, jump straight in - see our HLR API.

3 Ways to Improve your Business with a Mobile Number LookupA Mobile Number Lookup allows you to find out information about a mobile number, including the customer’s location and mobile network. This is performed by a Home Location Register (HLR) lookup.

With a Number Lookup you can save money in many areas of mobile marketing and m-commerce. We look at three specific ways of saving money with a Mobile Number Lookup:

  1. Clean your SMS Marketing List:
    When running an SMS marketing campaign, much like any other marketing campaign, broadcasting to end-users who don’t read the message is a waste of time and money.An HLR Lookup allows you to identify inactive numbers, which can be removed from your list; identify which network the customer is contracted to, allowing you to choose the best route for delivery and identify whether the mobile phone is on or off, meaning you can choose whether or not to send time-sensitive offers to them. An HLR lookup like this can be run through the API or web-based platform.
  1. Reduce failed transactions:
    When offering the ability to pay by mobile, using Premium SMS in the background, once the user’s mobile number is detected or entered, using txtNation’s API, you can run an HLR lookup to see if the number is active and the mobile is turned on.
  1. Increase Success Rates for One Time Password Delivery:
    PIN and OTPs are often not delivered to end-users due to mistakes when entering a mobile number for account verification. You can avoid this issue by introducing HLR Discovery Lookup. This will enable you to verify and validate all your numbers more efficiently and reduce the chance of sending PINs to invalid or inaccurate mobile numbers.Using txtNation’s API, you can verify that their mobile number is valid and their phone is turned on before delivering the OTP / PIN. If the number is not active, you can notify them. This not only saves money on delivery, but offers a better customer experience and reduces drop-off rates.

Our Mobile Number Lookup is available through API and web-based platform. If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from a mobile number lookup solution, please contact us.

We will be announcing updates to our mobile number lookup solution next week.

Following the successful launch of MytxtNation in December 2013, we have released further updates to our platform as part of our Beta program.

If you log in to MytxtNation from today you will see three new sections: ‘Billing’, ‘Messaging’ and ‘APIs’. This provides dedicated areas covering reporting of bulk messaging and mobile billing as well as configuration for our Gateway APIs.


‘Billing’ contains the latest balance and financial overviews for mobile billing, just like the previous ‘Balance’ section, as well as graphs and interactive tables. ‘Messaging’ provides an interactive table of the latest bulk SMS activity. This provides more tailored sections depending on whether the client is a billing or a bulk customer.

messaging2For our SMPP-based services, activity for bulk messaging over that protocol now appears in MytxtNation for the first time. This was a feature missing even from our former Control Panel (CP5) and MytxtNation goes some way to filling this gap.

For the first time, it also includes our Gateway module, taken from our old CP5, and given a much-needed polish. It should now be more pleasant to set up or reconfigure your HTTP Gateway campaigns. We also have more improvements for Gateway to come in 2014.


Over the coming months, we will be phasing out CP5, for all statistics, accounting and Gateway services, bringing MytxtNation more front-and-centre as the future hub for all client services.

Cyprus mobile billingtxtNation now has connectivity in Cyprus, adding to its global reach for mobile billing and messaging.

With connectivity currently in Greece, the news means businesses can now easily target both countries with txtNation. Connectivity in Cyprus is live now and ready for businesses to take advantage of txtNation’s unbeatable payouts and new tariffs in the market.

Daniel Hems, Senior Business Development at txtNation commented “The new connectivity in Cyprus is great news for us and businesses wishing to enter the market. We can offer great payouts for our clients along with the account management and support needed to set up.”

This new connectivity comes as txtNation offer new tariffs with high payouts for Premium SMS in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Contact us to find out more about mobile billing and mobile messaging and how we can benefit your business.

As a business owner you no doubt have heard that you should be taking your business mobile. More people are relying on their mobile devices to make payments and purchase goods and services than ever before.

Using premium SMS services is a quick and easy way to take your business mobile. These types of messages are essentially texts messages sent to and from mobile phones.

What Is Premium SMS?
You have seen this technology in action many times but might not have known exactly what it was. If you watch any of the talent shows that are currently all over TV you know that when you vote for a particular contestant you send a text message to a 5 or 6 digit number (known as a short code) and your vote is then counted.

Charities use this service to gather donations after natural disasters. By texting to a short code you can donate money directly to that charity. Politicians are also now using this technology to raise money for their campaigns.

How Can Premium SMS Services Help My Business?
Using this technology you can easily and securely accept payments from your customers. No credit card readers are necessary. This type of service makes it incredibly easy for your customers to buy from you. You will never miss another payment again.

You can also use premium SMS to keep your customers informed about what is going on in your business. You can send news or special offers directly to their phones. You can run a 24-hour sale and send the offer out to you customers and the only way they can take advantage of it is by texting to a short code that you provide. You get paid and the customer gets a great deal simply by sending a text. Everybody wins.

How Does This Benefit My Customers?
Your customers are now busier than ever. They are getting bombarded with information from all sides. They rarely open emails from people they do not know. They record TV shows and fast forward through the commercials.

But they all have their mobile phones close by at all times. By using this technology, they can get business done on the go. It is easier for them to send a text from their mobile phone than it is to go to a store or even visit a website. This will make their lives a lot easier.

You can even use the chat feature for customer service. Your customers no longer have to wait on hold. They can simply send a text message and get the response sent directly to their phone.

If you are ready to truly take your business mobile start by implementing a premium SMS service. It will benefit both you and your customers.

Technological advances have led to a rapid increase of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. With more than a billion people around the world having immediate access to them, it has become a strategic necessity for businesses to be equipped to accept online and mobile payments. More businesses are also using mobile technology to connect to customers and increase sales.

Consumers love the convenience of shopping over the Internet via their smartphones and paying for goods and services as a substitute for cash or credit cards. Implementing mobile technology in your business makes good sense. According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), mobile marketing generated approximately $139 billion in U.S. sales. That figure will grow 52 percent to $400 billion by 2015, says the MMA.

Whether you want the flexibility of taking mobile payments at your bricks-and-mortar location, at a customer’s home or elsewhere, small and mid-size businesses that wish to remain competitive will need to have the flexibility to enable mobile payment anywhere. In addition, the technology is essential for businesses looking to take marketing to the next level.

Evaluating mobile payment providers
You can start accepting mobile payments regardless of the size of your business. In fact, it has become a necessity to implement a comprehensive mobile strategy to engage social media-savvy customers who are ready to pay with their mobile devices and spread the word about your product or service.

Business owners need to consider three factors when conducting due diligence for a mobile payment service provider: security, pricing and hardware.

Security – The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council recommends that businesses use a validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) system. This means that the data of the credit card holder data is always encrypted before it enters the payment device—smartphone or tablet. The data remains encrypted throughout the process on the P2PE Solution Provider, who transmits the data to the payment processor.

Pricing- When evaluating mobile payment vendors, pay very close attention to the provider’s minimum transaction fee.  This charge could affect your profitability, if you do not meet the minimum number of transactions and pay the fee, you can end up incurring a higher costs to accept credit cards than the revenue generated from those sales transactions.
Other costs you need to be aware of are per transaction costs, swiped and keyed-in fees and hardware costs.

Hardware and compatibility – Some service provider offer hardware for their mobile payment solutions. Others may charge a separate fee. Make sure you choose providers that support a variety of platforms including iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

The hardware should also integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure and be set up with minimum hassle. For businesses that already accept credit cards and have a payment processor, check your vendor’s guideline for mobile payments solutions. You can also check with the credit card issuer for guidance on accepting mobile payments.

There are other features business can include as part of the service, including the ability to calculate sales tax and tips, automated billing, capture signature and other add-on features. Mobile payments solution can also help you track customer information and transactions. You can also integrate mobile payment technology with various accounting tools like Excel and QuickBooks to create powerful reports to monitor sales campaigns and other important metrics.

Mobile phone payment technology allows business to expand sales opportunities in places and locations that were not previously possible given the prevailing technology. Even for merchants with seasonal sales. There are many benefits to being able to accepting mobile payments.

What is an SMS Gateway Provider?
An SMS Gateway is the link between your business’ technology and the MNOs (Mobile Network Operators). Think of it as a bridge across the gap, with the people walking back and forth as the SMS messages. Therefore, you need to make sure the bridge is strong, reliable and build for the purpose.

Support and consultancy
Integrating the API can be a sizeable task which needs to be handled properly, so when choosing your SMS Gateway Provider, you need to make sure they provide a good level of support for you. At txtNation, we give you all of the advice you need both on the technical support side and in the compliance process.

Compliance is an important area, as each individual country has its own compliance rules. Again, we offer support, so you don’t have to learn the details.

Customer Support
Your end users need to be able to contact customer support when you are communicating with them via SMS messaging. It’s often not convenient, easy or possible for businesses to provide their own support for their customers on this, which is why txtNation offers this service.

Direct links with MNOs
If an SMS Gateway Provider has direct links with MNOs, the costs will be lower and the speed of service will be higher than those without direct links.

All of these factors are important when making your decision, and txtNation offers account management support and fast response times, meaning we make it easier for you to use mobile billing and mobile marketing to connect with your customers.

Contact us to find out how it can benefit your business today.

Following hot on the heels of our new WyWallet billing options in Sweden, the Nordics are set to enjoy even better billing through the 4T alliance as Denmark improves its offerings.

This will enable us to set up your account in Denmark more quickly and efficiently than before. It opens the door to allowing end users to pay for services via their credit cards instead of their mobile phone and sets the scene for future improvements to encourage and support premium in Denmark.

We aim to provide this new service within the next month.

4T have learned lessons from their WyWallet-branded service, which forced Swedish consumers to register before they could pay. 4T in Denmark does not require such registration, meaning friction-free billing in that market.

The mobile networks behind the 4T alliance – Telia, Telenor, Tele2 and 3 (Tre) — have joined forces to make delivering premium services even easier to set up, allowing aggregators like txtNation to get clients live in this vibrant market with shorter lead times and bureaucracy.

If you are new to premium services in the Nordics, please talk to us so that we can explain the advantages of using txtNation’s first tier platform.

Why Mobile Payments for Gambling?

Mobile gambling is beginning to deliver. Find out how using mobile payments; Direct Carrier Billing, brings new opportunities for gambling companies.

“Many in the industry are already accepting the initial higher transaction fee for mobile payments as part of their marketing cost and benefiting from much higher new player acquisitions on the mobile.”

View our new Brochure online – Slideshare