3 Ways to Improve your Business with a Mobile Number LookupA Mobile Number Lookup allows you to find out information about a mobile number, including the customer’s location and mobile network. This is performed by a Home Location Register (HLR) lookup.

With a Number Lookup you can save money in many areas of mobile marketing and m-commerce. We look at three specific ways of saving money with a Mobile Number Lookup:

  1. Clean your SMS Marketing List:
    When running an SMS marketing campaign, much like any other marketing campaign, broadcasting to end-users who don’t read the message is a waste of time and money.An HLR Lookup allows you to identify inactive numbers, which can be removed from your list; identify which network the customer is contracted to, allowing you to choose the best route for delivery and identify whether the mobile phone is on or off, meaning you can choose whether or not to send time-sensitive offers to them. An HLR lookup like this can be run through the API or web-based platform.
  1. Reduce failed transactions:
    When offering the ability to pay by mobile, using Premium SMS in the background, once the user’s mobile number is detected or entered, using txtNation’s API, you can run an HLR lookup to see if the number is active and the mobile is turned on.
  1. Increase Success Rates for One Time Password Delivery:
    PIN and OTPs are often not delivered to end-users due to mistakes when entering a mobile number for account verification. You can avoid this issue by introducing HLR Discovery Lookup. This will enable you to verify and validate all your numbers more efficiently and reduce the chance of sending PINs to invalid or inaccurate mobile numbers.Using txtNation’s API, you can verify that their mobile number is valid and their phone is turned on before delivering the OTP / PIN. If the number is not active, you can notify them. This not only saves money on delivery, but offers a better customer experience and reduces drop-off rates.

Our Mobile Number Lookup is available through API and web-based platform. If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from a mobile number lookup solution, please contact us.

We will be announcing updates to our mobile number lookup solution next week.

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SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is a cost-effective method of communication, allowing you to reach your customers quickly and easily. We look at four ways to use SMS in various areas of your business and get some valuable input from txtNation’s newly-appointed Head of Messaging, Paul Adams.

1. Verification to Stop Fake Accounts

Fake accounts created by spammers have caused many headaches for online communities, dating sites and social media sites. These accounts can cause customers to lose faith in the service, damaging the credibility of the business.

SMS can significantly help to cut this issue when users are required to enter their mobile numbers, receive a PIN number and enter it to verify. The mobile number is then tied to the account, so multiple accounts for each number cannot be created.

As more and more of these websites are accessed and joined via mobile, this is a more convenient method of authentication for customers.

Read more about combatting fake accounts with SMS verification.

2. Retention

Customer retention is a lot cheaper than acquisition, and SMS provides a cost-effective method for this. SMS can be used to deliver targeted and time-sensitive offers, updates, value added material and requests for customer feedback.

txtNation’s Head of Messaging, Paul Adams commented “SMS offers much higher open, response and conversion rates than email, and with more and more end-users accessing a wider range of services on their handsets, offering SMS as a form of communication instantly increases convenience and profitability.”

3. Acquisition

With a mobile data list, you can reach new customers, straight to their handsets. We’ve seen many offers successfully used to entice end-users to sign up. The call to action can be a link to a mobile website, instruction to reply by SMS or direction to purchase in a physical shop or visit an event.

Paul Adams adds “When purchasing a data list, higher quality data makes a huge difference. Many providers extract information from census data and match it with corresponding phone numbers. This results in low success rates. Our data lists have accurate and usable data, based on advanced profiling technology. We run an HLR lookup to cleanse it, resulting in far more successful deliveries which has a massive impact on the overall success of the campaign and increases the client ratio from send to buy.”

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4. Reactivation

Reactivating lapsed customers can be tricky. Ensuring their return customer journey is simple, easy and efficient is key. Compared to email, SMS is a far more powerful tool for reactivating customers, with SMS response times on average 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for email. SMS open rates are over 90% on average, with email open rates generally varying between 20-30%.

To cut costs, an HLR lookup can allow you to see which numbers are inactive, preventing you from wasting time ,money and effort.

Paul adds “SMS offers the opportunity for you to communicate with your customer base via a 2-way means of communication, meaning you as a business can ask for instant responses and build a profile of your customers to use in later and maybe more targeted campaigns. This inevitably improves the overall customer experience, and helps improve reactivation rates and creates a direct relationship with your target audience.”

Read more about our one-way and two-way SMS solutions and contact us to find out more about how your business can benefit from mobile messaging.

Many online dating communities and social media services have run into issues surround fake accounts. As these fake accounts are created on their websites, it damages the credibility and cuts retention rates. This can also be a method of distributing malware to users’ phones and computers.

According to a 2012 report, 1 in 10 online dating profiles are scams, highlighting the extent of the issue.

Dating and social sites risk losing the confidence of their customers unless this problem is tackled. This is where SMS can come in as a valuable tool. To cut down on fake accounts, you can enable your users to enter their mobile number, receive a PIN (aka. OTP  One time password) and enter it to verify, therefore, associating their mobile number with their account.


If all accounts need to have a mobile number associated, this reduces the ability to create multiple usernames.

This solution can work for free dating sites, using the above flow, but also for paid dating sites. By using a Premium SMS to charge users directly to their phone bill or pre-paid credit, this offers a simple and easy payment solution as well as a preventative measure against fake profiles.

To add a further level of validation to this process you can add HLR Lookup to aid verification for OTP / PIN’s.

Users are very aware of the problem, so with a secure prevention tool like SMS, you can not only prevent issues, but also boost consumer trust.

If you would like to discuss ways in which SMS can be used to combat fake account creation, please contact us.

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Using OTP (PIN) to enable access to services and features is a common practice. OTP (PIN) with SMS refers the delivery of One-Time Passwords to customers mobile phones. This model enhances previous flows and enables it to become more secure, flexible, cost efficient and user-friendly.

Recent statistics show that up to a staggering 20% of PINs are not delivered successfully to users’ mobile phones, with close to 50% of PINs not arriving at their destination due to invalid MSISDNs provided by the mobile phone subscriber at entry.

On top of this, over 10% of PINs failed to be delivered due to inaccurate entry, technical issues and such like. These are startling statistic, so we’re discussing what can be done.

Using Number Lookup to verify and validate your mobile numbers

You can avoid the issues highlighted above by introducing HLR Discovery Lookup. This will enable you to verify and validate all your numbers more efficiently and reduce the chance of sending PINs to invalid or inaccurate mobile numbers.

To combat these technical difficulties you can use HLR Number Lookup to verify where the mobile subscribers are located and check their MSISDN in real-time, before sending them a PIN.

Advantages of OTP (PIN) using SMS:

  • High conversion rates
  • Effective screening tool
  • Easy to use
  • Better user experience
  • Instant verification
  • Cheap: Cost Effective compared to other options

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