txtNation are currently trialing with selected clients our In-App billing SDK, who’s apps are running on the Android platform.

We expect a full release candidate version in May with commercial launch in June.


txtNation Android Billing (SDK) features:

  • Multi-country billing; using all markets where we have Direct Billing and Premium SMS capabilities.
  • Multi-price point billing options.
  • Real time Customer Care and self service help using our acclaimed txtNation SD Customer care web and mobile site.
  • Future support for Payforit in-app when mandated later this year.
  • One Click mobile billing functionality.

In-App Android txtNation

Android In-App Billing, a closer look under the hood

We have a new In-App payment solution for Android phones and tablets. Take a closer look under the hood of the Android Billing SDK:



Use our connections in over 80 countries via:

Premium SMS and Direct Billing with one SDK / connection!


Real-time Updates

Remote real time updates to our Billing Wrapper enable flexibility and inclusion of new price points and Short Codes.


Its a hybrid!

The SDK / Wrapper decides if we should use Premium SMS or DOB use where available.


2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi billing

Seamless user and mobile payment experience when the user is connected over WiFi or when a 3G connection is unavailable.



Billing screens in-app in local language with local support numbers and advice presented.


For more information on our Android In-App Billing SDK contact us.

See our In-App Biling API for Android.

Read more on In-App Billing.

Mobile aggregator txtNation and Europe’s largest supplier of NFC tags and products, RapidNFC have partnered to become the first to offer direct operator billing via NFC technology.

Using NFC tags, compatible mobile phones can scan the tag, launching a tailored payment interface. The user simply confirms payment and is billed. Users browsing via WiFi, rather than their mobile data plan, are prompted to enter their mobile number to continue payment.

The NFC tags are tiny microchips which RapidNFC can incorporate into a wide selection of products from stickers, smart posters and wristbands to promotional items such as pens, key fobs, bar mats and various other merchandise.

Whilst other NFC methods exist, txtNation have introduced a solution without any complicated signup process. Without additional linking of a phone to a bank account,card payment or by entering a username or password, users can be billed with txtNation’s solution with a quick NFC tap and a one-click confirmation on a mobile Web page.

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In the first of a four part series, txtNation explain how Direct Operator Billing can dramatically simplify payments – and boost revenues for sellers of digital goods.

Mobile content has brought affordable and easily accessible entertainment to over a billion people worldwide. Even in the midst of our present economic woes, it continues to thrive. Indeed, a recent study by ABI estimated 70bn apps will be downloaded in 2013, and that the market will generate $25bn. Read Part 1 on Mobile Money Revolution.


Read Part 1 on Mobile Money Revolution.

In Part 2, MMR will look in closer detail at how merchants and developers can plug in DOB and we’ll examine some examples of DOB success.

txtNation are a featured Sponsor for the highly anticipated mGaming Summit.

txtNation mGaming Summit

Come meet txtNation at this well attended event and discuss all aspects of mobile billing; from Premium SMS to Direct Operator Billing, For more information on the mGaming Summit and for entry information contact us.

This news comes on the back of txtNation becoming a Sponsor Member at AIME. One of only 10 companies to have this status.


This year the mGaming Summit and the mSport Summit will run on the same day in recognition of the clear synergies between these two industry sectors. This we will enable both delegates and sponsors to participate in the Sports and Gambling Session (4.30-17:00 GMT) plus all other scheduled networking events. Read more on the official site.

As we enter the 10th year of our business, we want to thank all our existing clients for helping us become a success. We have grown year-on-year and today we have bigger and better services and more clients across more international destinations. And we haven’t stopped.

We will continue to invest in more scalable, robust and global services across mobile billing and messaging to cement our position as the best for leveraging mobile in interesting, profitable new ways.

The first 10 years are only the foundation for the next 10 years. We have many interesting launches over 2013, with our focus on building a next-generation platform and making it easier than ever to access and configure our key apps and services, backed by our dedicated support teams and competitive rates.

As the world of mobile is changing, so are we and we are actively integrating a number of new products in key markets, building on our work with innovative payment tools such as Payforit in the UK and WyWallet in Sweden. We’re putting a big effort into more in-app payment technology and push messaging, too. Watch out also for improvements to our control panel, APIs, and statistics in the coming weeks.

As ever, we always love to hear your feedback about how we can better serve you. Let us know what you think so we can make the next 10 years even better.

Clients are increasingly asking us about alternative methods of mobile payments to the well established ‘Premium SMS’, where a charge is settled via their monthly phone bill or pre-paid credit by sending or receiving an SMS message.

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