The Widget, our streamlined billing platform, is now available. You can find information on our dedicated product site. Combining SMS (now available), IVR and credit card payment options, the discrete application can be embedded easily in all types of sites.

IVR and credit card are in development and will be released shortly. We’re taking the view that this is a platform that we’re going to use as a foundation for great things in online and mobile billing. In the coming months, the Widget will maintain its ease-of-use but will attract a range of new options so you can gear it just for your brand.

We’ve always been keen to hear your feedback on our products, but with the Widget, feedback is at the heart of our development process. There’s a section on the new product site just to collect your ideas and opinions on the Widget.

This is the start of a new world of billing simplicity.

We are gearing up to launch our new Widget, powered by our mENABLE billing platform. The Widget is a substantially streamlined version of mENABLE that allows anyone with basic technical skills to accept payments for goods and services (including web site access) on their blog, online store, or other web site. We’re going to start with the launch of SMS billing, with IVR (phone) and credit card to follow soon after.

It’s easy to integrate and we take care of the billing side for you. You will need to take the payment notification, sent to your server when the user has made a payment, and use it to activate their access or despatch their goods. You’ll need some basic server skills to do this or you can request help from our support and development teams, who will be happy to integrate the Widget for you for a small fee. Contact your account manager for more details after we launch.

We’re delighted to announce the development of a new billing application powered by mENABLE. Code-named the “Widget”, we aim to make it easy to accept SMS, credit card or phone payments through a streamlined, fully-integrated application. We’re calling this approach “plug-and-pay” and it’s going to be hot.

Introducing The Widget

Scheduled for launch in early 2009, the “Widget” is going to bring 3 core billing options to an application that is blissfully easy to add to your web site. We’re working hard to make a billing window that allows your customers to buy products or services with as few steps as possible. On the back of our global infrastructure, we’ve ensured that, wherever your customers live, they can pay quickly and securely: SMS, credit card and IVR phone come as standard.

The small, unassuming “Widget” can be dropped into many different sites. It’s a true billing chameleon: change the size, colour or background image of the application window for true integration with your existing flow, and offer billing internationally in a range of languages, geo-targeted┬áto your market.