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When marketing your product or service, you want to reach as many relevant people as possible, keeping a good return on investment. SMS marketing allows quick, simple messaging to customers and potential customers, with open rates of 95-98% within the first few minutes. Using mobile SMS marketing over other forms of communication can have many benefits:

It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. SMS messages are a quick way of getting in contact with your customers. When you want to send time sensitive information to them, for example, “Last Chance to Buy!” deals, SMS is far more effective in terms of speed, targeting and directness than other forms of communication.

With very little resource used, you can use SMS to contact current and potential customers without overspending. Physical communications can cost a lot of money to produce, whereas a simple text message doesn’t need to be printed or designed and the cost of sending is far less than that of a letter. On the other side of this, if you can market last minute using SMS, there is more chance that event tickets, travel tickets and time sensitive products can be sold, rather than going to waste.

Less likely to get filtered out as spam
Anyone who has dealt with email marketing knows of the constant issue with spam filters. The good news is that SMS doesn’t have that issue, as no spam filters are in place. On top of that, HLR lookups (a service offered by us) will clean your data, so you won’t waste money on contacting inactive mobile numbers. If you purchase a contact list for your mobile marketing, you should make sure it is clean, all end users have opted in and has had an HLR lookup.

Customers can easily reply
If you use a short code or long code for your mobile marketing, your customers will be able to reply directly to you. This is useful when creating surveys, offering services with validation and generally creating a connection with your customers.

Can be scheduled
With a good bulk email provider, you can schedule email delivery, so your message will drop into your customers’ inboxes at a certain time. You can schedule SMS messages to be delivered at a time of your choice too, with the key benefit here being that they are even more likely to be opened and read at that time too.

The environmental benefits of using SMS to contact your customers is clear. No printing, no paper and no waste is involved and no fuel from transportation.

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Mobile marketing has transformed the way businesses can communicate with their customers. mFUSION’s bulk SMS services allow you to send thousands of messages per second, giving you the ability to create strong, direct and far-reaching mobile campaigns. Your business can also receive SMS messages from your customers, using long codes or short codes.

Bulk SMS can be sent one way or two way. One way is direct to the end user and commonly works well for marketing, notifications, service texts and alerts. The sender ID can be personalised on these messages so your customers would instantly see that the text message has come from your business. Two way allows the end user to respond. These must come from a long code or a short code, and are useful for anything that requires a response from end users.

If your customers would benefit from updates or alerts, an SMS message with information such as an appointment notification or important news can go directly to them quickly. With 95 – 98% of text messages read within minutes of receipt, this is a highly powerful tool that can solve many of these problems. SMS updates on news and events can generate interest and sales in a short amount of time, which works well for ‘last chance’ messages.

When contacting your current and potential customers, sending a message to a number which is no longer in use is a waste of time and money. HLR lookup is the way around this problem, allowing you to check all of your contact numbers for their activity, network and location, cutting your costs and time when executing your campaign.

In short, bulk SMS services give you a new way of connecting with your customers in a quick, cost effective and efficient way with hugely competitive open rates.

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