As per our recent blog on our new Charge to Mobile (aka Charge to Bill), the UK’s Direct Operator Billing, now clients can sign up to Charge to Mobile from their MytxtNation accounts, create multiple campaigns, try them out in “sandbox” mode, and view rich statistics. Platform tools also allow us to customise and monitor Charge to Mobile in optimal new ways.

We have been hard at work to make sure this is the leading Charge to Mobile product offering on the market with the best user experience and rich analytics.


Client Feature Highlights:

๏ New and existing clients can create Charge to Mobile campaigns in My in a few minutes at any time of day or night.

๏ Create a testable “sandbox” campaign instantly, to integrate and play with key Charge to Mobile features.

๏ Sandbox campaigns only require a few key settings to get started and the client only has to complete all the settings when they are ready to go live.


Further Features:

๏ HLR on or off (choose network select option)

๏ Adult on of off

๏ Track affiliate marketing

๏ Subscription management e.g. Offer a free trial

๏ Multiple redirects for each user billing event

๏ Logo or image upload to Payforit Window

๏ Fast shopid approval process

๏ Advanced Billing charts

๏ Advanced Stats charts

๏ Drill down detail per user

๏ Detailed reporting

๏ Recurring reporting


Example Screenshots below:

Logo example (note image of phone as example logo, image):



Screenshots of your settings and analytics in MytxtNation:



Payforit Actvity










Mobile WiFi Connections


When a user is browsing over a WiFi connection, they are presented with an SMS verification flow. The user simply enters their mobile number and hits ‘Buy Now’, or ‘Subscribe’. They then receive an SMS which contains both a 4 digit OTP (One time Password) and, or a Web Link.

The user can either enter the 4 digit PIN into the payment page or click the SMS link to complete their transaction.

You can switch off the requirement for users to choose network select in your settings.

Payforit Screenshot



txtNation are a API and intermediary for Payforit.



Taking a look inside MytxtNation and clicking on ‘Insights’ you will see more new incredible metrics that have been added.

Let’s take a closer look at all the additions.

Churn Rate

Currently available for UK Payforit. This metric is mainly relevant to clients using subscriptions, but can be also used for one-time billing.

Measuring how many users decide to continue paying for a subscription, what is the average length of a mobile billing subscription and the lifetime value of a customer allows you to evaluate the performance of your marketing.



Available across all countries with Mobile Billing. Shows the Average Revenue Per User, per market.



Currently available for UK Payforit. You can search for an end user or transaction and get a full payment breakdown over the subscription period.

View attempted billing, total user spend and failed billing to a particular user.

Insights Subscribers



View projected user spend:

Insights Projected


You can also view a timeline of billing.

Insights Timeline


These features compliment all the other metrics we recently added.

Login to your account to view:

We are excited to announce a new feature in MytxtNation, our online panel. ‘Insights’ allows clients to view all Mobile Billing activity across Direct Billing and Premium SMS services in much more detail than ever before.


Key data allows you to forecast future payment trends and deliver the best customer growth and revenue performance.

Our ‘Insights’ analytics tool provides a unified view of your Mobile Billing performance, your customers, what they are buying and how much they are spending.


Marketing can build stronger services by being optimised and targeted to generate maximum customer engagement across incremental or subscription revenues.

Insights will enable you from your MytxtNation account to view the following:

  • User spend (eup)
    • One time
    • Subscriptions
  • Attempted payments
  • Payments cancelled  e.g. stopped
  • Payment rejected  e.g. insufficient funds, spend limit.
  • Errors  e.g. network timeouts, system level.
  • Refunds (coming soon).


txtNation ‘Insights’ saves time, provides unparalleled information on user spend, allows you to adapt your marketing strategy directly.

Real time Billing Insights that matter most for your business.

txtNation offers detailed insights into all Mobile Billing and real-time trends, so you can adapt your mobile strategy directly. It provides views into the status and performance of your campaigns.

  •  Direct recognition of technical or billing flow bottlenecks.
  •  General overviews for trends, billing rates and end user spend.
  •  Measure ARPU (Average Revenue per user).
  •  Free for every txtNation client.


To use the new ‘Insights’ section, go to – section Billing, ‘Insights’.


Keep up to date of recent updates to MytxtNation on our Blog.

We are excited to announce a new option to pay your invoices in MytxtNation. Paying your invoices online has never been easier.

This will enable you from your MytxtNation account to make payments of bills for credits, fees, etc. To use the new invoicing system, go to – section ‘Invoices’.





While we roll out this new feature, some accounts may not have this functionality in your account just yet. In due course you will be reminded of this in your MytxtNation inbox.





Check out the new feature:

We are pleased with the feedback and response to our recent updates to our flagship web panel, MytxtNation, and have introduced more features in the past week to enhance your use of our key tools.

  • Social login – Use Linkedin or GooglePlus to login or register accounts.
  • Faster page load speed across all of the web platform.
  • Enhanced reporting, including enhanced load speed on analytic’s.
  • New currency accounts added, Swiss Rand (CHF) and South African rand (ZAR).
  • Download or archive data in larger file sizes for exporting.


In the coming weeks we will be unveiling our updated invoicing system, built into MytxtNation.

We are delighted with the positive response to our sixth-generation control panel, MytxtNation, and have introduced a few updates in the past week to enhance your use of our key tools.

We have now made it easier to request new services from MytxtNation. Simply visit the “All APIs” page for a clearer directory of all our available services and a new request feature, allowing you to select the mobile billing and messaging services of interest, which then gets shared with our business development teams.

An experienced representative, or your account manager if you have been assigned one, will then discuss the next steps to ensure we are all lined up. Our focus is on getting your services up and running, ensuring your compliance, technical and business needs are met.

You can find the “Request Service” button throughout MytxtNation. Click one or more services, or tell us about any bespoke needs not listed, confirm your email address or those of your partners, and submit. It’s the quickest way to tell us what you need directly from our control panel.

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We are delighted to announce that the latest version of our control panel, MytxtNation, has been released to all clients.
This latest release features improvements to the account balance, navigation and other visual improvements to enhance your use of our award-winning services.
The key new feature is removing our long-standing 4-day processing time in reconciling some financial data due to legacy issues with our previous accounting systems. With the new release, we can better advise you on the financial success of your mobile billing related transactions by providing up-to-the-minute guidance on your revenues. This makes MytxtNation even more “real time” than in previous versions.
We will still have our usual reconciliation process ahead of paying revenue, but we think many of our clients will benefit from having a much more responsive feel for their key financials.
We have made improvements to the look of our API pages and made it a better experience for new clients, with more intuitive navigation to get you started with our services, and a number of improvements to the information on the Dashboard.
Please talk with your account manager if you have any questions or feedback about our flagship online panel. We are keen to hear what you think.
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