cp1We are delighted to announce that we have launched updates to our MytxtNation Online Panel, giving you increased visibility of your mobile billing and messaging campaigns, as well as providing you with a home for all your questions to support.

You can access the MytxtNation Panel and login with your usual username and password. If you do not have this, please contact your account manager.

Billing & Messaging

Through MytxtNation, you can track your balance and activity for mobile billing and messaging. You can see how your payments campaigns are performing. Split into balance and activity, this section of the control panel shows you how much money you have made (by country) and how many mobile billing related transactions have been sent and received.


On the messaging side, you can track your delivery rates by country, allowing you to see whether your users are receiving your messages. Our mobile messaging analytic platform is extremely powerful, enabling you to make the most of your mobile marketing.


The new API section of MytxtNation allows you to see the APIs you are currently using and to request access to use other APIs across HTTP, XML and SMPP.

inbox1Support Messages

Stay up to date with the latest, and speak directly to our support team through MytxtNation. Our inbox allows you to see support updates, as well as direct messages relating to your campaign. You can also chat with our live chat operators by clicking the live chat widget on the bottom right hand side of the control panel.


Login to MytxtNation and get started now.

txtNation is delighted to announce the addition of IMSI lookups to our existing stable of HLR and other lookup services in select destinations and on a case approval basis. New features provide a new level of detail about the end user’s status allowing you to offer timely, tailored new services of relevance to your customers.

This addition is the most recent of a number of improvements to the features and coverage of our HLR lookup services, which offer amazing global reach and a number of options and price points to suit many use cases.

Our team are on hand to discuss all our options with you, including several APIs that are easy to integrate, allowing you to get started today.

This follows txtNation’s launch of its Enhanced Number Lookup Services. Number lookups allow businesses to clean their data lists, therefore saving money on their SMS marketing and mobile billing.

The heavily updated HLR options from txtNation includes more data sources, including localised data checking to provide the best possible information available in real-time. Businesses can now benefit from updated coverage into more networks globally, with pinpoint accuracy.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your business can benefit from txtNation’s Number Lookup solutions, please contact us. Read more on our HLR Lookup options.

Developers, jump straight in - see our HLR API.

txtNation offers mobile payments in Switzerland, with its web optimised payment solution, enabling businesses to increase their conversion rates by offering a simple and seamless customer experience.

The Market:
Switzerland has a population of nearly 8 million and a mobile penetration rate of just over 120%. The internet penetration rate is just over 85%, with nearly 7 million users, putting the country 19th in the world. There are around 3.5 million fixed broadband users and 3.5 million mobile broadband users.

The Solution:
txtNation has linked up with the mobile network operators Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise, bringing your business to nearly 9.8 million mobile handsets in Switzerland. Our web optimised payment flow enables users to easily purchase, being charged to their mobile phone contract or pre-paid credit.

Due to our direct network connections, we can offer great payout rates. Our API is easy to integrate and our support team can help you set up quickly and easily.

Direct Operator billing is available in Swisscom with over 60% of the market share and Premium SMS across Orange and Sunrise.


Mobile customers enter their mobile number into the web page and click a button to confirm. They are then sent a Free MT message with a One-Time-Password or PIN to confirm payment.

Header Enrichment also known as MSIDSN capture for Single-Click is also available on application for mobile web flow.

Orange and Sunrise
Mobile customers enter their mobile number into the web or mobile web page and click a button to confirm. They are then sent a Free MT message – a One-Time-Password or PIN to confirm payment. MO opt-in is also available.


If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from mobile billing in Switzerland, please contact us.


Flows – MSISDN Forwarding, Direct Billing – Swisscom; Switzerland.

Hosted Payment page – Buttons: ‘Pay’ or ‘Subscribe’

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KissMyAdsWe have recently partnered with mobile advertising network, KissMyAds. A number of businesses we provide mobile billing solutions for, already work with the mobile ad network to bring in relevant traffic to their mobile optimised websites.

Using state-of-the-art web technology, KissMyAds offers customised and targeted mobile ad solutions, allowing clients to easily purchase mobile traffic. With KMA’s mobile advertising services, and txtNation’s seamless mobile payment solutions, the customer gets a quick and easy journey from awareness to action.

Consumers are shown a targeted advert on their mobile phones, when browsing the mobile web, they then click through to a mobile site, decide to purchase and are offered a mobile optimised payment solution from txtNation.

When using advertising and affiliate marketing, there are rules and regulations in certain countries. To ensure you get the most out of the service, read our article ‘Affiliate Marketing: Best Practice.

For more information on KissMyAds, visit their website, or sign up here.

We have now migrated to new hosting facilities, giving us superior presence on cutting-edge hardware. This provides us with high-performance infrastructure ready for us to roll out unprecedented improvements to our messaging platform in the coming weeks.

A unique hybrid of private cloud and dedicated hardware boosts security, performance and scalability, all of which positively affects our worldwide clients and paves the way for a series of new service launches in the near future.

In making our move across to the new infrastructure, we have had a number of challenges. We thank all our clients who remained patient as we switched over. We kept issues down to a minimum but appreciate that some clients may have experienced occasional problems, which our technical teams have been on hand to fix.

Such pivotal projects are ambitious and do not always go exactly to plan, but we are confident that our platform has a very bright future as we make the radical changes necessary to improve the reach and reliability of our popular services. Thank you for your continued support.

As part of our migration, we introduced a few new IP addresses. Please make sure you have added these to your firewall white lists to ensure continuity of service.

3 Ways to Improve your Business with a Mobile Number LookupA Mobile Number Lookup allows you to find out information about a mobile number, including the customer’s location and mobile network. This is performed by a Home Location Register (HLR) lookup.

With a Number Lookup you can save money in many areas of mobile marketing and m-commerce. We look at three specific ways of saving money with a Mobile Number Lookup:

  1. Clean your SMS Marketing List:
    When running an SMS marketing campaign, much like any other marketing campaign, broadcasting to end-users who don’t read the message is a waste of time and money.An HLR Lookup allows you to identify inactive numbers, which can be removed from your list; identify which network the customer is contracted to, allowing you to choose the best route for delivery and identify whether the mobile phone is on or off, meaning you can choose whether or not to send time-sensitive offers to them. An HLR lookup like this can be run through the API or web-based platform.
  1. Reduce failed transactions:
    When offering the ability to pay by mobile, using Premium SMS in the background, once the user’s mobile number is detected or entered, using txtNation’s API, you can run an HLR lookup to see if the number is active and the mobile is turned on.
  1. Increase Success Rates for One Time Password Delivery:
    PIN and OTPs are often not delivered to end-users due to mistakes when entering a mobile number for account verification. You can avoid this issue by introducing HLR Discovery Lookup. This will enable you to verify and validate all your numbers more efficiently and reduce the chance of sending PINs to invalid or inaccurate mobile numbers.Using txtNation’s API, you can verify that their mobile number is valid and their phone is turned on before delivering the OTP / PIN. If the number is not active, you can notify them. This not only saves money on delivery, but offers a better customer experience and reduces drop-off rates.

Our Mobile Number Lookup is available through API and web-based platform. If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from a mobile number lookup solution, please contact us.

We will be announcing updates to our mobile number lookup solution next week.

txtNation has absorbed Manchester based mobile messaging company, PushMobileMarketing Ltd in a move that sees Paul Adams, PushMobileMarketing Managing Director appointed as Head of Messaging at txtNation.

This comes as part of the award-winning mobile billing and messaging provider’s push to scale up its mobile messaging division.

PushMobileMarketing provides both UK and Global SMS termination through stable and secure quality routing options, offering access to 800+ mobile operators around the world.

As txtNation’s newly appointed Head of Messaging, Paul brings a wealth of experience and a solid reputation to txtNation, allowing the business to offer increased service levels to its already blossoming client base. Previous to PushMobileMarketing, he has had roles across wholesale voice and telecoms.

Michael Whelan, CEO of txtNation commented “The demand for SMS messaging is rising. This combined with our platform, analytics and commercial improvements across our core messaging mix of SMS, HLR and USSD, it’s a very exciting time. We have absorbed PushMobileMarketing and have are delighted to bring Paul on-board, benefiting from his experience and vast industry knowledge.”

Paul Adams, txtNation’s new Head of Messaging commented “After speaking with Michael and spending time at txtNation’s head office, the vision that he and the rest of the business have for messaging made it an easy decision to join the team and help deliver results with the new dedicated bulk SMS division.”

Premium SMS IndiatxtNation has now launched its mobile billing solution for India, enabling merchants to accept mobile payments via Premium SMS. This latest development marks the availability of mobile payments in all four BRIC countries, following the launch of Direct Operator Billing in Russia, in January.

With the fastest growing telecom network in the world, development potential and a population of 1.237 billion, India is a big market to enter. India has 635.51 million subscribers in total, or a 53.77% penetration rate, with a monthly mobile phone addition rate of 4.90 million.

txtNation has linked up with Vodafone, Uninor, Tata Docomo, Idea, Airtel and Aircel and offers customer price points / tariffs available across 3 to 50 INR. The new shortcode for India has been added to txtNation platform and is live now, complementing the company’s existing Asian footprint.

Contact us to find out more about mobile billing and mobile messaging and how we can benefit your business. Read more about mobile payments in India.

Mobile Messaging for Customer Retention

It is easier and cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, and one of the key methods of retention is good communication. Mobile messaging can provide quick, direct communication between you and your customers and, according to statistics, offers far higher open and response rates than email.

To get the best results, we’re looking at different ways in which mobile messaging works for customer retention:

Promoting an offer by text message is a simple way of keeping a good flow of communication between you and your customers. By contacting them by SMS, you have the advantage of quickness, both in terms of the opening and reading of the message as well as the ability to react. With many people using smartphones, a link to a mobile optimised landing page can lead to a fast conversion. With this, we can create a time-limited offer to use the persuasion tool of rarity.

Be sure to target your offers only to customers who are likely to be interested, so you do not damage their loyalty and trust in your brand. Key performance indicators for this include open rates, unsubscribe rates, click through rates and sales.

Relevant updates can keep you at the front of your customers’ minds. By updating them on new products or services and other important news, you can keep them clicking through to your website, getting in contact or even just more aware of your activity, without any direct CTA.

Again, this needs to be targeted. Mobile messaging is a very personal form of communication, and the interests of the recipients should be strongly considered in order for you to get the best results. KPIs for this include open rates, unsubscribe rates and click through rates if you include a link. It can also impact sales and the amount of people talking about your business, which can be partly measured by social media monitoring.

Request Feedback
We have worked with clients who have used SMS as a tool for gaining valuable feedback. This not only helps you to improve your products and services, but shows that you care about the customer.

Some businesses initially send bulk SMS asking for feedback, with a non-premium short or long code for replies. We have also seen businesses using their print or email material to current customers, asking them to send feedback via SMS message to a short code.

KPIs for this sort of activity include open rates and unsubscribe rates for outbound SMS, response rates and the usefulness of the feedback, so, for example, whether you were able to make concrete changes with the replies received.

Add Value
Is there any extra information or material you could provide your customers with mobile messaging that would improve their overall experience? Not all businesses will be able to provide this, however, if you are, it can greatly increase loyalty and retention.

As with many of the other activities we have mentioned, this should be targeted. You should always be thinking about whether the content you are sending out is going to be interesting or useful to the recipient. KPIs include open rates, unsubscribe rates, click through rates and sales.


Mobile messaging is a powerful communication tool which can be used as part of a retention campaign. If you would like to discuss how this can be used to benefit your business, please contact us.