txtNation, the award-winning leader in global mobile messaging and billing, this week announced the release of an extension to their worldwide HLR offering. It is now possible in the United Kingdom, on all major networks apart from Vodafone, to see if a number is residing on a contracted monthly plan or, where 38% of the UK market own, pre-paid SIM cards. The lookup is performed just by providing a mobile phone number, apart from on network Three where an IMSI is also required.

txtNation as of late has seen increased demand for the service from companies offering calling cards, reverse calling, MVNO’s, mobile topup providers, payday loan and traditional loan companies, marketing and data list providers, ridesharing, ticketing, virtual credit cards, digital wallet top-ups, clients requiring fraud screening, amongst others.

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Charge to Mobile (aka Charge to Bill) is the UK’s Direct Operator Billing and we have been working hard on a new and improved version. Payforit is the mobile payment scheme, currently on version 5.

Our previous Charge to Mobile services were a hybrid of direct connections and 3rd party front end using Payforit. The new one, is our own, from the ground up showing our own front end utilising our direct connections.

Soon clients will be able to sign up to Charge to Mobile from their My,txtNation accounts, create multiple campaigns, try them out in “sandbox” mode, and view rich statistics. Platform tools also allow us to customise and monitor Charge to Mobile in optimal new ways.

Sneak Peak Screenshots:


More crucially, given how changeable our industry is (particularly with Payforit), we have left huge scope for future changes and improvements by using a flexible architecture that will accommodate many of the demands we anticipate in the months and years ahead. For example its a possible with the new payment flows being released, that deeper integration will be possible for Charge to Mobile, meaning less of the Payforit brand and flow and more customisations into the merchants website.

We can turn off or turn on particular flows and operators for clients, a marketers dream!

Indeed, it has been a significant challenge for us to design and implement a series of solutions that meet the needs of the business not only today but tomorrow.

txtNation has worked really hard and smart on this substantial and complicated platform, which is sure to pivot us in a wonderful new direction: to a world in which clients can sign up and use our services more quickly and where our platform can evolve intelligently to give us the edge over our competitors, as well as opening up further opportunities to provide value-added services.

Our work is not over though, and in getting your feedback we stand the best possible chance of finding any remaining issues we can address before a public Beta launch in September. A number of you will be invited to exclusive demos and we’ll link the rest of you to test versions of our new software in due course.

In the mean time, find some screenshots and features below:


Charge to Mobile



Client Feature Highlights:

๏ New and existing clients can create Charge to Mobile campaigns in My in a few minutes at any time of day or night.

๏ Create a testable “sandbox” campaign instantly, to integrate and play with key Charge to Mobile features.

๏ Sandbox campaigns only require a few key settings to get started and the client only has to complete all the settings when they are ready to go live.

Charge to Mobile


This is a significant project, and perhaps the largest scale project we’ve ever undertaken, combining many separate systems that work in tandem. Each system is responsible for just a few key functions, tailored to specific business goals. This greatly improves the transparency, scalability, maintainability and flexibility of the platform.

In future, development on new billing products could be accelerated by using Charge to Mobile APIs to queue, query and charge. In this way, our forthcoming release of Charge to Mobile is not only a highly advanced version of Direct Operator Billing, but a signal of our future direction.

Your feedback is essential as we work towards an initial public Beta release in September, which will involve a real-world “stability phase” as we transition existing clients to Charge to Mobile before a wider general release.


txtNation are a API and intermediary for Payforit.


Mobile Billing and Messaging aggregator txtNation today announced they have added further routing in their popular and market-leading HLR Lookup product. txtNation claim to have added several new MNO routes for HLR Lookup. Currently used by SMS aggregators, service providers in mobile billing and messaging, the HLR Lookup service enables real time validity of a mobile number and gives operator identification and roaming information. For SMS aggregators and service providers alike, this improves revenue margins by reducing routing inaccuracies.

Harnessing the power of txtNation’s SMSC and supporting infrastructure, HLR Lookup provides SMS aggregators and service providers with the most detailed mobile number information on the market. txtNation’s vast array of messaging connections to the SS7 mobile signalling network enable full access to operator Home Location Registers (HLRs) for high quality of service.

“With the increasing popularity of mobile number portability (MNP) and routing for bulk sms, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure we have routes into markets where service providers can check a mobile number.” said Michael Whelan, CEO, txtNation. “Quite simply, the more routes the better, for redundancy and price”.

Read more on txtNation’s HLR Lookup and SMS.

Previously discussed Mobile Web flow for Header Enrichment with operator payment pages. e.g. 3g, 4g flow using OBS.

See our Blog on this:



The WIFI flow for South Africa is as simple as entering a mobile number and then confirming the PIN.



Subscription flow WIFI:

1. Landing page

2. User selects what they want

3. MSISDN entered

4. User receives an SMS with link:  Vodacom: Confirm with SMS.  CellC, MTN: open link and click confirm

5. Confirmation page

6. Subscription starts

From today, anyone visiting the older version of our Control Panel (cp.txtnation.com or secure.txtnation.com) will be automatically redirected to MytxtNationmy.txtnation.com, our new Web Panel.
MytxtNation contains all of what our clients require, including superb account balance and traffic statistics, Gateway settings, and built-in support ticketing. It should be thought of as the primary destination for clients with txtNation services.
There are some features that are not yet part of MytxtNation, including our mFUSION campaign settings. Control Panel (CP5) will remain available at oldcp.txtnation.com to allow clients to use this old control panel for the foreseeable future.
You can visit MytxtNation at http://my.txtnation.com.

Preview of SMS Messaging Reporting and Analytics in MytxtNation

Following on from last year’s release of MytxtNation, which incorporates full reporting and accounting for Mobile Billing, we can now announce the addition of SMS messaging with advanced, real-time reporting, due for release in April, 2014.

txtNation provides superior termination, quality pricing, high deliverability, in-depth analytics, easy to understand protocols and full transparency.

graph-cp-screenshotMytxtNation – SMS Messaging reporting features:

  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Accounting for SMS Messaging
    • Bulk SMS, One – Way SMS
    • Long Codes, Virtual Numbers
  • Unifies all txtNation direct mobile messaging connections, globally
  • Support for HTTP, SMPP reporting
  • Transparency – clear real time messaging reporting
  • Historical data
  • Pending and actual transaction data
  • Clearer, more responsive messaging logs
  • Improved export options for larger results
  • Interactive messaging activity and statistics
  • Instant searching and browsing of key data
  • Improved graphs, charts and information panels
  • Pinch and zoom graphs
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile
  • And much more!


Very soon you will be able to view your Messaging analytics and statistics from inside MytxtNation, by simply logging in and selecting Messaging.

“We are pleased to announce the inclusion of SMS mobile messaging and further updates into our next generation reporting platform, MytxtNation. Our team has worked incredibility hard over the last few years to make this a reality, moving away from our legacy systems and building new software on the cloud.

txtNation provides superior termination, quality pricing, high deliverability, in-depth analytics, easy to understand protocols and full transparency across messaging. MytxtNation as a front-end, showcases these improvements to our clients.”
Michael Whelan, txtNation CEO

gateway-add-countries-cpMytxtNation features coming soon:

  • Mobile Gateway configuration
    • Support for Mobile Billing and Messaging config and set up.

These are due to go live in April 2014.

We are not stopping there! We also aim to add our full messaging mix into MytxtNation throughout the course of this year, including:

  • Unifying our USSD Statistics, across Flash and Menu based USSD.
  • Adding our HLR Reporting, across MNP, RTLU.


Login to MytxtNation

Sign up to txtNation

Webinar: Increasing Conversion and Retention for iGamingWednesday 26th March, 14:00 (GMT)

iGaming operators offering services across mobile and desktop see 50% of their customers using both to play, with 30% using only their handsets. We also know that the amount of gambling related search queries from mobile handsets has seen huge growth in recent years.

Our next webinar, on Wednesday 26th March at 14:00 (GMT), presented by Michael Greenberg, our NBDO for iGaming will show you how to increase your conversion rates and retain and re-activate current and lapsed customers, using mobile.

The high open and response rates of mobile messaging make it far more effective for building customer loyalty, when compared to email, postal and telephone marketing. Mobile billing offers a seamless, quick and easy payment process, increasing conversion rates and improving the customer experience when used on a mobile handset.

register for the free webinarBe sure to register for our free webinar now.

South Africa Mobile PaymentstxtNation can now offer more price points between 2 and 30 ZAR in South Africa, allowing businesses to accept mobile payments for a wider range of products and services.

The new tariffs on offer are 2 ZAR, 5 ZAR, 10 ZAR, 15 ZAR, 25 ZAR and 30 ZAR, across the networks Cell-C, 8TA, MTN and Vodacom.

With a population of over 51 million and a mobile penetration rate of over 130%. txtNation can bring you mobile payments through Premium SMS.

Read more about our South African coverage and contact us to find out how your business can benefit from mobile payments.

According to recent estimates by eMarketer, nearly half of Western Europeans will use the mobile web this year.

In 2012, 31.7% of Western Europeans used the mobile internet, with 40% in 2013 and an estimated 48.2% in 2014. Norway is the leading country in the region, with an expected 63.5% mobile internet user penetration next year, with Denmark and Sweden a few points behind.

Mobile phone internet usage in Western Europe is expected to grow steadily, mainly due to an increase in the amount of smartphones owned in the region.

eMarketer also predicts that in 2015, mobile phone internet user penetration in Western Europe will reach 56.2%, 61.7% in 2016 and 66% in 2017, with Norway expected to reach 81.9%.

In order for businesses to make the most of the growth in use of mobile internet, accepting mobile payments is a must. Mobile payments offer higher conversion rates than credit card, when offered on mobile devices, due to a better customer experience.

Find out more about how mobile billing can benefit your business by contacting txtNation.