txtNation top 50 mobile innovatorsLeading industry magazine Mobile Entertainment has placed txtNation in its Top 50 Mobile Innovators list for 2013.

Currently in its third year, the project recognises forward-thinking British companies using mobile solutions in cutting-edge ways in sectors including payments, marketing, and gaming.

This year, txtNation has announced direct operator billing in Switzerland and Belgium and acquired mobile entertainment outfit 24GMedia, among other key strategic moves for its global business.

Managing director of txtNation, Jon Rowsell, says that “the list contains some truly remarkable brands doing really interesting new things in the mobile space, and we’re really pleased to be alongside them, recognising txtNation’s commitment to innovation.”

The company’s CEO, Michael Whelan, agreed, citing industry recognition as a key marker of txtNation’s success in delivering world-class billing and messaging solutions, saying that “making the list gives us a sense that we are doing the right things with the right technology, and although client satisfaction remains our day to day benchmark, it’s always positive to receive news from a respected source that we continue to innovate in ways that are worth noting, and it’s especially welcome as we celebrate our first decade in the industry.”

txtNation’s COO Ashley Cross added that “we’re ecstatic to join this list of impressive and creative innovators. This is a real spur for all the future innovations currently in our pipeline and provides a vote of thanks to all the hard work that our teams have put in to adapting and improving our business over the last year.”

It has become easier to make mobile billing transactions in Sweden as from June 1st, as WyWallet has decided to scrap its maligned registration policy introduced earlier in the year.

Swedish services suffered a downturn in mobile payments after Sweden’s mobile operators Telia, Tele2, Tre and Telenor - introduced mandatory pre-registration to make further SMS Payments.

WyWallet have now changed the criteria so that all post-pay subscribers do not need to be registered before being able to pay by SMS.

This means first of all, that a non-WyWallet customer will not be rejected when making a purchase. Their first purchase will be accepted, and then they will be informed about becoming a WyWallet customer if they then make another purchase.


Read more on WyWallet.

txtNation are currently trialing with selected clients our In-App billing SDK, who’s apps are running on the Android platform.

We expect a full release candidate version in May with commercial launch in June.


txtNation Android Billing (SDK) features:

  • Multi-country billing; using all markets where we have Direct Billing and Premium SMS capabilities.
  • Multi-price point billing options.
  • Real time Customer Care and self service help using our acclaimed txtNation SD Customer care web and mobile site.
  • Future support for Payforit in-app when mandated later this year.
  • One Click mobile billing functionality.

In-App Android txtNation

Android In-App Billing, a closer look under the hood

We have a new In-App payment solution for Android phones and tablets. Take a closer look under the hood of the Android Billing SDK:



Use our connections in over 80 countries via:

Premium SMS and Direct Billing with one SDK / connection!


Real-time Updates

Remote real time updates to our Billing Wrapper enable flexibility and inclusion of new price points and Short Codes.


Its a hybrid!

The SDK / Wrapper decides if we should use Premium SMS or DOB use where available.


2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi billing

Seamless user and mobile payment experience when the user is connected over WiFi or when a 3G connection is unavailable.



Billing screens in-app in local language with local support numbers and advice presented.


For more information on our Android In-App Billing SDK contact us.

See our In-App Biling API for Android.

Read more on In-App Billing.

The AIME General Meeting was held on 27th March, which also marks the start of txtNation’s upgrade to AIME sponsor member.

The main event began with a presentation by Microsoft. They were speaking about Windows 8, which is providing an often overlooked opportunity for developers, enabling reach beyond just the tablet and mobile device market, into the converged desktop environment that Microsoft has recently entered.

Microsoft has committed to work with AIME members to provide the support, development tools and guidance to ensure your app makes it successfully into their App Store.

txtNation Sponsor Member AIME

Microsoft has previously made available £100K for injection into a variety of individual development projects and is now assessing other strategically significant app projects for potential investment for apps to be built for XBOX, Windows Phone, PCs and Windows Tablets.

In addition to development support, the session’s lead speaker is looking to approve leading app proposals for TV, Radio and App Store showcasing and to assist with recommendations to the main device manufacturers for (OEM) pre-installation.

The Microsoft App Store welcomes third-party billers and Microsoft do not charge any fees for app makers that include their own billing mechanisms, such as PFI or PSMS. Their own credit card billing system charges 30% for the first $25,000 the app makes and 20% thereafter.