We work with many dating and social sites across the web. Some use mobile billing alongside other methods of payment i.e. credit card, others have moved to just supporting purely Mobile Billing – ‘Pay by Mobile’ due to the huge benefits it brings.

The most common use of ‘Pay by Mobile’ across dating and social sites can be seen in two main areas:

Virtual Currency


Pay by Mobile

For low cost ‘virtual’ items, mobile billing is key. Who wants to pay on their credit card for a product under 10 euro when they can charge instantly to their phone account, seamlessly.

Virtual Items




Loveleap Mobile Site

Allow users to pay for membership for a week or a month using Operator Billing. Pay by SMS!


Uplift from using Direct Operator Billing

Sites that use our billing report an uplift in sales unlike any other billing platform. On mainstream sites mobile billing has seen a 20%+ increase to their existing revenues from customer payments. Mobile Billing is the most common and ubiquitous tool and of course dating and social sites realise consumer choice is always a positive in terms of end-user conversions.

In mobile dating, customers are also attracted to the anonymity that mobile operator billing provides. Combine this with the level of credit card penetration in many worldwide markets being low. So, mobile billing, is even more important in these markets.

Speed to pay

No forms to fill out. Everyone has a mobile phone. Not everyone has a credit card or wants to use it for dating or social sites.

All the customers need to do to pay is send an SMS (or click a link!). We handle everything else from that point on. Several seconds later and the payment is made. Perfect for digital items such as Virtual Currency as example above.

JunglePay, our Award-Winning Mobile Payment and Online Billing Solution for Web Sites, Mobile Sites and Applications is now compatible with WordPress.

WordPress is web software you can use to create websites or blog’s. Our JunglePay plug-in for WordPress allows website owners and blogger’s worldwide to charge for their content and / or services using Mobile (SMS), Phone or Credit Card, with no programming required! Simply use the JunglePay Plug-in and enable your site to accept mobile payments and more!

Read more at www.junglepay.com

New sign-ups and activations for JunglePay will receive free money when set up live.

Starting today, all JunglePay clients live and installed, will be given a free 20 euro, £20, $40 credit into their account. No questions asked.

JunglePay – Mobile payments and more.

To find out more about how to get set up with JunglePay and collect your free credit, sign up to JunglePay at: http://www.junglepay.com.

Mobile Payments, JunglePay launches Wizard

Junglepay Wizard for self service set up is now live, making the set up and creation of Mobile Payment services in a few steps, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our Mobile Payments evolution

The JunglePay Wizard is out of testing now live and available to accept sign ups for merchants wanting to accept mobile payments.

See more at http://www.junglepay.com

Mobile Payments, try JunglePay.

Junglepay is soon to go live with a new self set-up wizard making the set up and creation of Mobile Payment services in a few steps, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our Mobile Payments evolution

The JunglePay wizard will be released September 1, 2011 and will be announced officially when live. txtNation say setting up websites for Mobile Payments has never been easier and invite all service providers to test the new service when live.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding JunglePay and it’s wizard for making the best Mobile Billing campaigns.

See more at http://www.junglepay.com

Our flagship billing aggregation software mENABLE is joining forces with our copy-and-paste billing widget JunglePay.

Together under an extended JunglePay brand we will continue to support all our existing mENABLE clients and will welcome new clients to join us under the JunglePay umbrella.

mENABLE will be re-branded as JunglePay over the coming weeks. The mENABLE control panel module and API will be phased out, though the payment window will continue to operate for the time being.

JunglePay allows clients without extensive technical knowledge to put premium SMS, credit card and landline phone billing (IVR) at the heart of their e-commerce website, blog or social media page. An excellent fit for all existing and prospective mENABLE clients.

If you are an existing client, speak to your dedicated account manager today about your options. We’re keen to support you thoroughly during this transition.

We are delighted to announce that we’ve made the short list for the upcoming Mobile Entertainment (ME) Awards 2010. We are joined on the prestigious list by such billing luminaries as PayPal, Bango and OpenMarket. Mobile Entertainment magazine is one of the industry’s most-read publications and we are proud to have won their attention.

Listed under the ‘best transaction provider’ category for our JunglePay online billing solution, the nomination is further recognition of the flexible simplicity of our SMS, credit card and IVR software, allowing publishers across multiple sectors to add alternative billing to their sites and apps without fuss. The ME Awards will be held on November 18th 2010 and are sponsored by Microsoft.

Major industry names and new up and coming companies rub shoulders in the prestigious Global Messaging Awards shortlist announced today. txtNation have been shortlisted in the category ‘Best Mobile Financial Services Solution’ for its JunglePay billing solution.

The shortlist highlights the fact that messaging, and SMS in particular, is still a vibrant sector of the mobile industry. Many of the shortlisted companies have been successfully developing, refining and most importantly selling messaging solutions for years. While for many others, messaging is seen as the best sector to work in to develop their new offering.

The winners will be announced during the gala dinner at this year’s Global Messaging Congress, June 22-23 in London.

Read the short list in full:


JunglePay is the new branding for our Widget payment platform. We wanted something that reflected the fun and accessible side to billing that the Widget always aimed for. The rebranding will not affect existing clients using the Widget.

Our main site at widget.txtnation.com now reflects the name change and junglepay.com will become our new Widget home soon.

We have some great new features to come for JunglePay over 2010 and we can’t wait to share them with you in the weeks and months to come.

Have you seen our new Widget site? The Widget is a streamlined version of our proven mENABLE online and mobile payments platform. The new site provides a clearer overview of what the Widget is and how it works. We’ll be adding further information to the site throughout 2010.

The Widget makes it easy to add billing to existing websites. With a range of options and a comprehensive API for more complex applications, we are confident that the Widget fits right in to any website that wants to monetize itself.

If the Widget site doesn’t answer your questions, just contact us. Sometimes, speaking to a real person can get things done more quickly. Let us know your requirements for online and mobile billing and we can provide you with all the advice you need.