Enable your existing software with SMS communication using txtNation Gateway! 

Getting in contact with your clients in a way convenient to them, but guaranteeing they read the message is a problem. Emails get lost in an ever increasing spam folder and phone calls are always made just when you step into that important meeting. With a simple text message, your recipient can read it when it’s most convenient to them and you know it has been delivered.

The txtNation HTTP Gateway uses a simple HTTP call to our servers with an instruction to send an SMS. You can integrate it directly into your companies existing software, this might be an appointment reminder system for your clients or a way of keeping in contact with your employees.  Want to go SMPP Рno problem!


  • You will receive real time reporting telling you when the message has been delivered.
  • Customise your text so it will appear to come from your brand name.
  • Recipients can be given the option to reply back to your messages.
  • Contact your clients in a way most convenient to them.

We cater for all sizes of business providing both pre and post paid billing models, so why wait contact txtNation today for more information!

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