Mobile Payments optimised for Mobile Web

2014 is already looking to be a year in which mobile web-optimised payments become more important than traditional web-optimised mobile payments. Having seen the growth in mobile web traffic in recent years, txtNation have invested into developing their billing solutions, allowing for the best possible experience when accessed on a mobile data connection.

Recent statistics show that almost 80% of internet users are mobile web users, due to the rise in smartphone penetration. This year, smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion. Alongside this, txtNation has seen a rise in the amount of service providers requesting easier payment processes, specifically optimised for the mobile web for example, mobile and tablet. Coinciding with this is a drop in requests and activations for traditional web-optimised mobile payment solutions for example, desktop.

To ensure that its clients get the highest conversion rates as the trends shift, txtNation has been leveraging its direct operator connections, consolidating the work it has previously done, optimising for traditional web and re-working for mobile web.

Throughout the course of this year, txtNation will be releasing the most optimal payment experiences for mobile web in a number of countries, with a focus on ‘Single Click’ billing and moving away from PIN and Premium SMS based payments. This is a push to reduce abandonment rates caused by session exits at the point of purchase and therefore increase conversions.

Michael Whelan, txtNation’s CEO commented “We have been working on optimum flows for mobile web billing for some time now and are releasing these over the course of the next several months for service providers to leverage. We have seen less need for buzzwords such as Header Enrichment, Direct Operator Billing and MSISDN Forwarding and more of a straight-forward focus, simplifying the payment process for the smartphone user.”

Going further still, in markets where ‘Single Click’ via operator billing on the mobile web is unavailable, the award-winning mobile billing and messaging company offers alternative optimal payment flows to boost customer acquisition, for example using a flash SMS to deliver a PIN, as a result keeping the customer in the mobile session.

Whelan added “We’ve been in business for over 10 years and one key to our success has been our ability to adapt to change, the latest being the growth in mobile internet. Whereas we used to see a number of businesses we work with look to use operator billing solutions solely on the traditional web, we are now seeing a considerable shift towards a need to cater first and foremost for the mobile web experience.”

txtNation will be announcing further mobile optimised flows using operator billing in a number of different countries over the coming months, as part of their focus on client demand and customer experience. The business will be showcasing Single Click in the following countries:

South Africa

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