txtNation is delighted to announce the addition of IMSI lookups to our existing stable of HLR and other lookup services in select destinations and on a case approval basis. New features provide a new level of detail about the end user’s status allowing you to offer timely, tailored new services of relevance to your customers.

This addition is the most recent of a number of improvements to the features and coverage of our HLR lookup services, which offer amazing global reach and a number of options and price points to suit many use cases.

Our team are on hand to discuss all our options with you, including several APIs that are easy to integrate, allowing you to get started today.

This follows txtNation’s launch of its Enhanced Number Lookup Services. Number lookups allow businesses to clean their data lists, therefore saving money on their SMS marketing and mobile billing.

The heavily updated HLR options from txtNation includes more data sources, including localised data checking to provide the best possible information available in real-time. Businesses can now benefit from updated coverage into more networks globally, with pinpoint accuracy.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your business can benefit from txtNation’s Number Lookup solutions, please contact us. Read more on our HLR Lookup options.

Developers, jump straight in - see our HLR API.

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