As ICE Totally Gaming approaches, one of the biggest topics in mobile gaming is customer loyalty and retention. Mobile billing and mobile messaging can play a big part in making sure your customers return.

Running 4th-6th February at ExCeL, London, ICE Totally Gaming is the largest and most comprehensive trade event in gaming. As exhibitors at the event, txtNation are an established and trusted provider of mobile billing and messaging solutions in the gambling and gaming space.

Mobile Billing for Loyalty
By offering customers the opportunity to pay by mobile, you are improving their overall experience, making them more likely to come back again. The simple payment flows, as shown below in our slideshow reduces the amount of time spent in the purchasing process. This also increases the conversion rate for initial signups.

Mobile payments for mobile gambling offers many benefits over other forms of payment. Where direct operator billing is available, conversion rates can be as high as 85%, whereas credit card conversion rates can drop down to as low as 7% on mobile. Gambling operators offering the option of mobile payments can also pick up non-credit card customers who would like to play.

Mobile Messaging for Customer Retention
SMS Messaging is a powerful communication tool. Many gambling operators are seeing the benefits of using it to keep a constant flow of communication with their customers. Recent statistics show that 50% of gambling players play on their mobiles, so communicating to them via their handsets is the way to reach them directly.

Text messages have high open rates, with over 90% of SMS messages read and response rates of 15-30%.

As a way of driving customer retention, SMS can be used for notifications of offers or events, leading the end-user back to the website or app. In-app messaging can be used to keep customers informed about relevant news, directly from the application.

To discuss how mobile billing and messaging can benefit your business, or if you are attending ICE Totally Gaming and would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us.


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