Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payments 2014

Following on from last week’s review of 2013 in the mobile billing and messaging world, we take a look forward to 2014 to see what the future holds.

Statistics have shown us that more and more of us are using smartphones, and the usage of internet via handsets is growing too. If, as expected, this growth continues, then the increase in mobile shopping is likely to continue too. As solutions like Payforit in the UK and WyWallet in Sweden gain more and more trust from end-users, conversion rates for mobile payments will no doubt grow.

According to a new article in e-Marketer, businesses will need to look at response rates in the next year, as the “always–connected consumer” needs what they want, when they want it. Mobile messaging easily fills this gap, as time-sensitive communication can be delivered direct to handsets, with the option of two-way communication. Mobile Payments solve the problem of slow payment processes with credit card on mobile devices, meaning the customer can purchase on impulse, quickly and easily. As marketers have seen the need for mobile optimised websites and mobile marketing, optimising the payment process is sure to be a big discussion point next year.

txtNation in 2014
Catering to the growth in mobile payment and messaging, we are looking to make further improvements to our platform, with more cloud investment. Our MytxtNation, next generation control panel was released in beta earlier this month and we will be working on this, offering the best possible experience for our clients, with in depth tracking.

Expanding our global reach, we are looking to offer direct carrier billing in Russia in early 2014, and will be direct in Saudi Arabia, connecting with the country’s largest telco, SDC. We are looking forward to introducing new faces to our team, with more in Business Development in a number of markets, allowing us to be local where we have direct operator connectivity. Our messaging services are being bolstered with new markets and API improvements for USSD and HLR, following client feedback.

We are also adding to our support and accounts teams as our traffic volumes increase, working on our response times, with a focus on getting clients live as soon as possible.

As we gain a reputation as the strongest mobile payment solution provider for the gambling industry, we will be attending ICE Totally Gaming in London, EiG Totally Gaming in Barcelona and the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit in London, among other events. Having been regular attendees at Mobile World Congress and World Telemedia Event in recent years, we will be at both of these again and will be visiting China for Mobile Asia Expo and China Joy in the summer.

We will continue our push with the mobile networks in the UK to allow payments for physical products, which will offer convenience and an improved customer experience for more customers.

If you would like to discuss mobile billing and mobile messaging with us, to help your business increase profits in 2014, please contact us.

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