A recent study has shown that mobile internet use by mobile users in the United States has doubled since 2009, meaning businesses need to adapt their marketing and commerce to cater to the increasingly mobile-savvy customer.

The study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that in 2009, only 31% of American mobile phone owners surfed the web and checked emails on their handsets, however, this year, the percentage has gone up to 63%, almost two thirds of mobile users in the US.

The findings show the importance of being prepared to communicate with your customers via their mobile phone. Businesses are becoming more aware of the need for a mobile website, options for mobile payments as well as an SMS marketing strategy.

As we announced last week, txtNation will soon be releasing Direct Carrier Billing (also known as Direct Operator Billing) in the United States. With the new development, businesses will easily be able to take mobile payments from their customers, giving them an improved user experience when purchasing, especially when using a mobile site. Our statistics show that conversion rates rise to 85% where Direct Operator Billing is available, compared to credit card payments, which can be as low as 7%.

In a recent blog post, SMS for Customer Acquisition, we explained how businesses can make the most of mobile data and bulk SMS marketing to acquire new visitors to their website. As more and more people are using the internet on their handsets, a link in an SMS message becomes more of a slick method of driving customers to a website.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 91% of all Americans use mobiles, meaning 57% of the country’s population are mobile phone owners.

Contact us  to find out how your business can benefit from SMS marketing and mobile payments.

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