21. August 2013 · 1 comment · Categories: Europe

This week it was announced that the mobile networks in Ireland are officially blocking any off-net or foreign traffic. What does this mean for you?

As a tier-one SMS aggregator, txtNation has Direct Operator (Network) connectivity in Ireland, so we are directly connected to the country’s mobile networks for mobile billing and mobile SMS marketing related services. See a list of countries where txtNation has Direct Operator connectivity.

Our bulk SMS mobile messaging system reliably offers definitive international solutions and our direct connectivity with mobile networks in Ireland offer stability. So, what does the news mean for you? For txtNation clients, it’s business as usual.

1 Comment

  1. I think the people in Ireland can feel the encroaching anguish of sorting through the menutia of thousands of sms spam messages and are simply bracing themselves for the onslaught. We saw what happened with email marketing (people really took advantage of it). There used to be a strong fear of violating certain laws pertaining to sending people spam. Now its a free for all spam-sell-a-thon.

    No one cares about your privacy or the fact they are filling u[p your inbox with glossy crap you’ll never read anyways.

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