As per our recent blog on our new Charge to Mobile (aka Charge to Bill), the UK’s Direct Operator Billing, now clients can sign up to Charge to Mobile from their MytxtNation accounts, create multiple campaigns, try them out in “sandbox” mode, and view rich statistics. Platform tools also allow us to customise and monitor Charge to Mobile in optimal new ways.

We have been hard at work to make sure this is the leading Charge to Mobile product offering on the market with the best user experience and rich analytics.


Client Feature Highlights:

๏ New and existing clients can create Charge to Mobile campaigns in My in a few minutes at any time of day or night.

๏ Create a testable “sandbox” campaign instantly, to integrate and play with key Charge to Mobile features.

๏ Sandbox campaigns only require a few key settings to get started and the client only has to complete all the settings when they are ready to go live.


Further Features:

๏ HLR on or off (choose network select option)

๏ Adult on of off

๏ Track affiliate marketing

๏ Subscription management e.g. Offer a free trial

๏ Multiple redirects for each user billing event

๏ Logo or image upload to Payforit Window

๏ Fast shopid approval process

๏ Advanced Billing charts

๏ Advanced Stats charts

๏ Drill down detail per user

๏ Detailed reporting

๏ Recurring reporting


Example Screenshots below:

Logo example (note image of phone as example logo, image):



Screenshots of your settings and analytics in MytxtNation:



Payforit Actvity










Mobile WiFi Connections


When a user is browsing over a WiFi connection, they are presented with an SMS verification flow. The user simply enters their mobile number and hits ‘Buy Now’, or ‘Subscribe’. They then receive an SMS which contains both a 4 digit OTP (One time Password) and, or a Web Link.

The user can either enter the 4 digit PIN into the payment page or click the SMS link to complete their transaction.

You can switch off the requirement for users to choose network select in your settings.

Payforit Screenshot



txtNation are a API and intermediary for Payforit.



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