E-SMS Gateway adding SMS to your existing email channels – A new txtNation Service for Helpdesk and CRM platforms.

txtNation’s E-SMS Gateway enables you to provide SMS Support (aka Text Support) and SMS Customer Relationship Management and SMS recruitment, universally compatible with multiple platforms. The service integrates directly with most support platforms such as Zendesk, Zoho Support and Oracle and CRM providers such as Salesforce, Sugar,  Sage CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a seamless integration to work alongside, in addition to, or instead of email support.

txtNation’s E-SMS Gateway makes it simple for any email-based platform to trigger SMS, email or both simultaneously, and accept replies by either channel.

Without the need for developers, or even the hassle of reconfiguring support system settings, easily setup 2-way SMS interaction through emails.

The 2-way communication is triggered in two ways, either ‘proactively’ where the customer support agent pushes a text message, or ‘reactively’ where a number is promoted encouraging text messages from those who need interaction.

Compatible Platforms:











How does it work?


Many Helpdesk and CRM providers are starting to push their own costly SMS interaction systems, txtNation’s implementation arrives at a good time, providing an inexpensive alternative which can give the same and in some cases improved functionality.

Without the need for developers, or even the hassle of reconfiguring support system settings (as Zendesk’s own system requires) you can easily setup SMS support so it works the same as sending an email.

txtNation’s proprietary system provides SMS-to-email and email-to-SMS functionality, which means that by simply adding an email address containing the user’s MSISDN (internationally formatted mobile phone number) followed by either your own domain (e.g. 447123456789@yourdomain.com or a domain provided by txtNation (e.g. 447123456789@txtnation.com) you can easily send and receive sms messages.

The 2-way communication is triggered in two ways, either ‘proactively’ where the customer support agent pushes a text message, or ‘reactively’ where a customer support text number is promoted encouraging those who need customer support to send a text message to that number.

Recipients can respond simply by replying to the text message, replies are sent to a domestic mobile number so it looks like the agent has sent it from their mobile phone. This human touch has been shown to increase response rates compared to email interaction where customers often ignore what they perceive as an automated template. SMS is also a great way to get attention drawn to non-responsive tickets, e.g. “Hey George, it’s Jack from txtNation, poss to reply to https://txtnation.zendesk.com/tickets/945462 please?”

txtNation’s E-SMS Gateway has some advantages over Zendesk’s “SMS or Email” method. Zendesk’s method currently means that each ticket has to be either be an SMS ticket or an email ticket, but not both, a separate ticket is required for each and you can’t switch an existing ticket from SMS to email. txtNation’s system makes it simple for any ticket to trigger SMS, email or both simultaneously, and accept replies by either channel.

txtNation also has built in prevention controls so agents can’t accidentally trigger many SMS messages that were intended for email. One method is to update the ticket stating that the SMS was not sent as it was over 160 characters (email still sent), the other is to trim the message adding in the final portion of the 160 characters “..cont@ http://bit.ly/2jLjjP”.

txtNation has a wealth of worldwide network operator connections allowing them to easily provide longcodes in most countries in the world via readily available SMS numbers or hosted SIMS. Additionally, in many countries, ‘golden’ memorable numbers can be sourced, and also, unlike Zendesk, txtNation can provide shortcodes for 2-way communications which are typically 5 or 6 digit short numbers. txtNation also can provide free-text numbers where there is no cost for the user to send, much like a freephone number, rather than using up messages in a plan or pre-paid credit.

Jon Rowsell, txtNation managing director, commented “With no system configuration and just little bit of support team training, we have built a simple and useful bridge between our 2-way SMS API and support and CRM systems. Whenever someone sends an SMS to a txtNation number, a new ticket will be created or intelligently routed to an existing ticket. Teams can respond within their usual platform and that response will be sent to the customer via SMS keeping the thread connected. The best part is that the team doesn’t have to do anything differently.

Try it out yourself today. Contact txtNation sales for a demonstration and let us know how you use SMS in your helpdesk system by dropping us an email.”

You can find out more about txtNation, its SMS Support System and more on txtNation’s Mobile Billing and Messaging platform by visiting http://www.txtnation.com, emailing sales@txtnation.com or calling +44 (0)1752 484 333. Latest news can be found on txtNation’s blog at http://blog.txtnation.com.

txtNation’s E-SMS Gateway supports most providers of helpdesk, ticketing management and technical Support Systems including:
Talkdesk, Freshdesk, Toonimo, ScreenConnect, TeamSupport, Issuetrak, Agiloft, SysAid, Help Scout, Front, AnswerHub, Answerbase, VisionFlow, Vision Helpdesk, Helprace, Agent.ai, SupportCenter Plus, SYNTHESYS, Bloomfire, ShareNet Customer Service, Zoho Desk, Userlike Live Chat, Zoho Survey, Salesmachine, Tenfold Sales Dialer, dapulse, Advisor, LiveChat, Zendesk, Intercom, UserVoice, NABD, iSupport, Kayako, UseResponse, Tidio Chat, Casengo, Blazedesk, GoToAssist, FocalScope, MightyCall, CustomAnswers, LiveEngage, C-Desk, devContact, Conversocial, ilos Videos, Parature Customer Service Software, ClickDesk, HyperTeam CRM for Office 365, XSellco Fusion, eServiz, FuzeDigital, ThoughtBuzz, versaSRS HelpDesk, ServiceNow Customer Service Management, Callmaker, Gnatta, Chataroo, HelpSpot, SupportBee, AlwaySupport, Chat Interface for Operator, Dial Once, Magentrix, MailManager, Ongair, Oxygen Service Desk, SuperOffice CRM, Ticksy, Vivocha, Zoho Discussions, Cincom Synchrony, Customer Support Suite, HelpOnClick Live Chat, Omni-Channel Customer Engagement, KANA Customer Service Software, Achiever CRM, AGI Self Service, Akio, Ameyo Engage, AnswerChat, Any Request, Aptean Onyx CRM, Bamboo Cricket, Blitzz, Brand Embassy, CafeX, Chloe, ChurnSpotter, Cingo, Clarabridge Enterprise, Close Support, Cloud 9 Support, Cognitive Virtual Assistant, Comarch NGSF, Comm100 Help Desk, Communications Center, Consumer Relationship System, CRMUnleashed, CS for SharePoint, CSS Corp, CustomerFirst, E-Track, eGain Suite, ePowerCenter, Eptica Entreprise Suite, eTouchPoint, ExDesk, Genesys Customer Experience Management, Gladly, Helppier, HelpSite.io, iCity, Inbenta, Inbify, Infantry – Managed chat support, Inforobo, Jenny, Joydesk, Kapdesk, Keeping.com, kookdokoo, Kustomer, Leapchat, LobbyCentral, Macinpro, Mi4biz, MSP Anywhere, Neocase CS, NetKeeper, NetSupport 24-7, nService, OMQ self service, P3chat, Pega Customer Service, Preactor, Pulse CRM, Remetrex PQ, RenewityRMA, Respond, ResponseTek:CEM, Returngoods, Revelation helpdesk, Richmond ServiceDesk, Rocktik, service.net, SiteGlue, Slaask, SmarterTrack, Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform, SpiceCSM, SRM Software, SupportPortal, Teckst, Tender Support, trueAct, Trust+, Web Customer Service Solution, WebQA, WebSupport PRO, Zervicio, Zinergy and Zoomin.

The solution is also compatible with most CRM providers, marketing software, sales management tools, sales pipeline management services, relationship management, sales force automation and sales crm; such compatible companies include:

Pipedrive, SAP Digital CRM, Insightly, Freshsales, ProsperWorks CRM, Kaseya BMS, ConnectWise PSA, Zoho CRM, Base, Azurepath, Nutshell, Accelo, SalesAchiever Construction CRM, Really Simple Systems CRM, Salesmate, HubSpot CRM, Gold-Vision CRM, You Don’t Need a CRM!, Teamgate, Daylite for Mac, Less Annoying CRM, InfoFlo, Teamleader, Salesflare, SupportCenter Plus, SYNTHESYS, amoCRM, Freshdesk, Smarty, vCita, Stratum Black for Non-Profits, Highrise, Sellsy, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Nimble, Fieldbook, Apptivo CRM, Close.io, Configio, SugarCRM, Avidian, PlanPlus CRM, Bitrix24, Deltek Vision, QuickBase, SalesNexus Online CRM, RepairShopr, Agile CRM, Mothernode CRM, Capsule, Contactually, Odoo, 1CRM, vtiger CRM, Relenta, SAP CRM, Streak, Interneer Intellect, Commence, GreenRope, Pepperi, InStream, DSS, RAYNET CRM, Oracle CRM, SalesOutlook CRM, Sage CRM, SalesJunction, SalesNOW, Salesbox, Cirrus Insight, Workbooks CRM, Automational, Conrep, ERP-ONE, icomplete CRM, ConvergeHub, eWay-CRM, InTouch, Tubular, Data2CRM.Migration, Snapforce CRM, HarmonyPSA, PeopleVine, Blazedesk, Borneosoft Online Forms & CRM, SalezShark, SanityOS, FieldForce, Colabo, CustomAnswers, Planner Dale, DealCloud, Salesboom.com, SalesSeek, Comidor, Resco Mobile CRM, Aplicor 3C, Forcemanager, Inzant Sales, Platformax, 360 Enterprise Suite, BuzzFlow, Scoro, SuiteCRM, CampaignerCRM, Lynkos, Prolocus CRM, Workforce Manager, Batchbook, Conversocial, Saleswit Pinnate, webCRM, OMNITRACKER, SalesBabu CRM, Crm on clouds, GoSquared, HyperTeam CRM for Office 365, Interakt, Results CRM & Business Suite, Salestrakr CRM, UPilot, Kapture CRM, Talisma CRM, Talisma CRM, Pega CRM, Veeva CRM, 90degree Team Task, AquaCRM, Bluwave CRM, COMPLETExRM, Composity, Erpisto CRM, EspoCRM, i-linked, Liid, Rainbow CRM, SalesPredict, Simplicity CRM, Skyward CRM, TriumphCRM, Worldsoft Business Suite, Atemis CRM, Aviso Insights, BlueCamroo, BusinessMan Enterprise, PharmaCODE, Raw CRM, Topbin, Monkey CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, OroCRM, AllProWebTools, PlayMaker CRM, CRMPRO, Adomi CRM, Aicon CRM, Assimilate, Call Center CRM, Clevertim CRM, CloudYogi CRM, CompanyHub, CRMlet, CRMnext, CVenture, eSalesTrack CRM, eZnet CRM, eZnet CRM, Five CRM, Futurelabs CRM, GetScorecard, itracEMS, KulaHub, LeadTrac, Legrand CRM, List Master CRM, Lunar CRM, MyBusiness, NetHunt CRM, NOWTIS, PipelineManager, Prospect Sleuth CRM, Push It, Radium CRM, REthink, Saarif CRM, Sextant CRM, simpleview CRM, SmarterSMB, Sobia Canyon, SoulCRM, Sugester, Suntico, SuperOffice CRM, Vite CRM, WiredContact Enterprise, SmartOffice, SprinxCRM, Amphis Customer, Aptean Pivotal CRM, Billing System, Daxko Engage, Exsalerate CRM, Leads 365, openCRX, Reflect, SalesOptimize, Saleswah CRM, Sellf CRM, Ultra-Staff Software, update.CRM, Vitalblocks CRM, WakeUpSales, Winds CRM, AppShore, PRIAM ERP/CRM, Routzy, 3GBusiness, 4ASoft Agenda, AB Client Care, ABLE, absoluteBUSY, ACE Contact Manager, Achiever CRM, AcuityCRM, ADAPTcrm, adeptcrmsales, Affinity, AgencyOrganizer, Align, AllClients, Amdocs Customer Management, Amisha, Apis CRM, AppStacks CRM, Ardexus WebMODE CRM, Avature, Basic Online CRM, bCommunities, bexio, billage, Bios CRM, Bizzy, BlueRobin CRM, BPA CRM, BuddyCRM, BusiBI CRM, Callbox Pipeline, Capriccio Fuzion, Catalyst, Celframe CRM, Cendyn/One, Centerbase, Centra CRM, CentralStationCRM, Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS, Client Book CRM, ClientSpace, CLIM8.NET, Clintra, Clouderac CRM, CMPro Plus, CollaBrill, Comarch CRM for Telecoms, ConcourseSuite, Connector, ContactEase, Core4 CRM, CounterBalance, cRM, CRM Billing Software, CRM Express, CRM Project Manager, CRM software, CRM Software, CRM-Express, CRM-gx, CRM24x7, CRMadar, CRMBOOST, CRMGRID, CRMrus, CROSS-CRM, CrowdTwist, Customer Relationship Manager, Customer Service Software, CustomerFirst, CxCRM, CXRM, DivyaCloud CRM, DotAlign for Outlook, E-DEAL CRM, Easy Simple CRM, EnquireLEADS, ePowerCenter, eWebLife, eXcediant, eXert CRM, EXPERT Mobile Agent, Ezeassist, FastTrack, Fat Free CRM, FernCRM, FileMaker Pro App for CRM, Finaeo, Flightdeck, Flowlens, Focus CRM, FPS GOLD Relationship Management, FundEngine, Gift and Loyalty, Gifttag, Globitel Retail Quality Management (RQM), GMP CRM, Grace, Gro CRM, Grow in Cloud, Healthcare CRM, Heap, Honeybee, HyperOffice CRM, iGlobe CRM for Office 365, iGov CRM, Impel CRM, InfiniteCRM, Inigo, Insight Selling Suite, IntelliPad CRM, Intellistant, InTimeCRM, InvisibleCRM, ioGrow, IRIS CRM, ITISL CRM, junariCRM, Junxure Cloud, Kahoots App, KasCur Pro CRM, Kaseya BMS, KEA, KeiCRM, Kool CRM, Kustomer, LAMP-360, LeadOrganizer, Lighthouse CRM, Lime, Logical Office, Luxor CRM, M R Reporting Software, MagicCRM, MAP.CRM, MasterSales, MasterStream, MaxiClient CRM, melssCRM, MergeWare CRM, MGW CRM, Mia, MiAgent, MicroCRM, Money Advice + CRM, NEHANET CRM, netPeople, Ninjodo, Nutriadmin, OI CRM, OM.Net, ONDiGO, OnSite CRM, OpenCRM, Oscar, Outfield, PeopleTray, Peppercan, Plum CRM, PMAM CRM, Project Pipeline, Pronto Xi Sales & Marketing, ProSTART 2013, QuickDesk, QuinataCRM, Qwikkr, RealTime CRM, Rebilly, Relationally, Relay, REST, retailCRM, Revamp CRM, Riptide Cloud, River CRM, Rubi CRM, Ryan Solutions, Sales Infinite, SalesBase CRM, SalesCRM+, Salesformics, SalesGrow, SalesIn4 CRM, Saleskit, SalesMetric, SalesOptima Stratus, SalesPage, SalesRadar, Salpo CMR, SAP Beyond CRM, SAS Customer Intelligence, Second CRM, SEI CRM, SignupLab, Simple CRM System, Simple Sales Tracking, SimpleCRM, Simply CRM, SIS CRM, SkyCRM, Smalution CRM, SmartCompany, SmartRoom CRM, SmartStart CRM, SmartTouch CRM, SnapCRM, SP CRM Lite, Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform, SplendidCRM Enterprise, StarterCRM, StayinFront TouchRX, SwiftCRM, Swyft Interaction Hub, Synap, T3 CRM, Tabillo, Tactile CRM, TangoCRM, TCS CRM, Techsysplus CRM, Teckst, TLD CRM, Trustfuel, Tuo 360, Tustena CRM, Valai CRM, Vasco CRM, Vela CRM, Veloxy, Viabl, Virtuous, Vivo CRM, VTC CRM, Wintouch eCRM, WizSame, Yetiforce, ysura, ZeyOS, ZIRA CRM, Zurmo and Zyprr.

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