Taking a look inside MytxtNation and clicking on ‘Insights’ you will see more new incredible metrics that have been added.

Let’s take a closer look at all the additions.

Churn Rate

Currently available for UK Payforit. This metric is mainly relevant to clients using subscriptions, but can be also used for one-time billing.

Measuring how many users decide to continue paying for a subscription, what is the average length of a mobile billing subscription and the lifetime value of a customer allows you to evaluate the performance of your marketing.



Available across all countries with Mobile Billing. Shows the Average Revenue Per User, per market.



Currently available for UK Payforit. You can search for an end user or transaction and get a full payment breakdown over the subscription period.

View attempted billing, total user spend and failed billing to a particular user.

Insights Subscribers



View projected user spend:

Insights Projected


You can also view a timeline of billing.

Insights Timeline


These features compliment all the other metrics we recently added.

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Mobile Billing and Messaging aggregator txtNation today announced they have added further routing in their popular and market-leading HLR Lookup product. txtNation claim to have added several new MNO routes for HLR Lookup. Currently used by SMS aggregators, service providers in mobile billing and messaging, the HLR Lookup service enables real time validity of a mobile number and gives operator identification and roaming information. For SMS aggregators and service providers alike, this improves revenue margins by reducing routing inaccuracies.

Harnessing the power of txtNation’s SMSC and supporting infrastructure, HLR Lookup provides SMS aggregators and service providers with the most detailed mobile number information on the market. txtNation’s vast array of messaging connections to the SS7 mobile signalling network enable full access to operator Home Location Registers (HLRs) for high quality of service.

“With the increasing popularity of mobile number portability (MNP) and routing for bulk sms, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure we have routes into markets where service providers can check a mobile number.” said Michael Whelan, CEO, txtNation. “Quite simply, the more routes the better, for redundancy and price”.

Read more on txtNation’s HLR Lookup and SMS.

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If you have not looked at using HLR Lookup for Premium Billing then look again.

For customers on Wifi, service providers can use HLR to benefit their advertising and save costs.

Why use HLR for Premium Billing?

HLR can save money on acquisition costs by identifying if the service provider should send the opt in (PIN, OTP or Keyword).

Main uses:


Use look up to check network to see if traffic source is on the advertisers cpa.

Use look up to check if number entered is active and if user is valid.

 HLR Lookup for Billing

Once the number is checked using HLR, you can:

Send PIN or keyword information when mobile number is correct.

Send PIN or keyword information when network is correct.

For Bulk routing:

Send PIN or keyword information on best possible bulk route.

For Subscriptions:

You can periodically HLR users to make sure your subscribers are active.

Try our HLR Lookup today.

Working with the best Mobile Billing flow is often key for Billing success. It may be worth to use PIN with Link on verification for opt ins.

The process is more robust and secure than Keyword verification.

  • Using your web form you will get a PIN and LINK
  • Users click on the link to complete the process (or enter the PIN)
  • The PIN or LINK will not work if on a different device.



For Desktop user inputting MSISDN and subsequently PIN, independently.



For Mobile send out an embedded link (instead of PIN).


Contact us for more information and pricing.




txtNation will be present at World Telemedia, Marbella.

Taking place on the 18th to 20th October 2016 at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel we hope to see you there.


World Telemedia




World Telemedia is a key “destination” for both innovative corporates and individual entrepreneurs that wish to develop new premium services using the latest technologies, distribution networks and billing solutions.



Following the recent update to MytxtNation for Billing ‘Insights’ we have released this feature for Bulk Messaging. Due to popular demand this release is now available in your MytxtNation account.



Success rates and delivery reports broken down into type across all DLR’s and works across all API’s for Bulk Messaging.





Take a closer look by logging into your account and checking out ‘Messaging, Insights’.

Insights Header



txtNation’s Michael Whelan Wins Finance Monthly CEO Award for 2016.


The second time this has been awarded to txtNation CEO Michael Whelan, Finance Monthly’s research team draws on the views of thousands of stakeholders including investors, analysts, executives, employees, and media professionals worldwide to compile its annual CEO Awards.

The results from the research process used in combination with award nominations to publish a list of the great and the good who have demonstrated the critical success factors needed to be a great leader, and a great CEO.