PhonepayPlus held a stakeholder forum this week, on Tuesday. We were in attendance with other members of the industry to put forward ideas and suggestions for how PhonepayPlus can shape their strategic direction, as they review their plans for the next 4 years. This included discussions on the future of Premium SMS in UK for web and mobile web – mobile billing, with the recent adoption of Payforit.

PhonepayPlus - Strategic Stakeholder Meeting

PhonepayPlus gave an interesting presentation on the current market landscape for premium rate services and updated industry on how the Code continues to meet these developments. The presentation was a preview of their market report that will be available in a few weeks’ time. They stressed that the statistics shown were unfinalized, so could change before the report release.

PhonepayPlus - Strategic Stakeholder Meeting
Following the presentation, attendees split into groups, each hosted by a PhonepayPlus representative for the industry to put forward their opinions on issues such as how the market will develop in the next 3 to 5 years, and how these may shape PhonepayPlus’ priorities and strategic plans.
PhonepayPlus - Strategic Stakeholder Meeting
Notable suggestions and observations put forward included:
  • Facebook is being used to conduct TV voting. This can be seen as a competitor to premium rate SMS, where rather than charging for the vote, money is generated via traffic viewing adverts or via premium campaigns at a later time via the data harvest, or by votes being paid for via Facebook credits (the later of which can still be paid for via Premium Rate).
  • Affiliate marketing issues, with possible shift for affiliates, as part of the value chain requiring to be registered.
  • Looking at other international markets such as Canada for how they deal with minimizing consumer harm by putting complainants and L2′s in direct contact via an online portal, where also similar to Paypal, PhonepayPlus could be involved should an issue not be dealt with to the user’s satisfaction.
Should you have any suggestions for the question above, PhonepayPlus and txtNation would be interested to hear from you.

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