txtNation is moving its entire platform to new and improved infrastructure. As part of this migration, we cannot maintain all of our current IP addresses. Therefore, we urgently ask all our clients and partners to white list the following IP addresses to ensure continuity of service. This is in addition to your current txtNation IP addresses.

Please do not replace your current txtNation IP addresses for now, but do append your current white list. It is vital that you update your firewall, servers and/or applications to accept communications to and from these new IP addresses. We kindly request that you do so by Tuesday, 1st April 2014.
If you have any questions about this requirement, please ask your account manager or contact our support team, who look forward to assisting you.
This work will provide the foundations for further significant upgrades to our platform throughout 2014. Thank you for your timely cooperation and for doing amazing things with our technology.
Please add these to your white list in addition to your current txtNation IP addresses:

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