txtNation is a leading provider of Mobile Billing and Messaging Solutions

We have several core solutions surrounding our mobile gateway. Some help you send and receive SMS messages, while others help you bill your customers. All our solutions can do both in varying degrees. Depending on your requirements, we have a solution for you.

Mobile Gateway Solutions. Combining best-of-breed mobile campaign services

From pre-built, turnkey solutions that can be integrated quickly with your existing website, or tailor-made solutions built on our mobile gateway platform, we are confident that we can assist you.

You can find out more about solutions using the links on the right. Everything flows from the heart of our mobile gateway. Here’s a quick snapshot to assist you:


What it does

txtNation Gateway Build you own mobile payment and messaging services in the cloud, on top of txtNation’s robust platform via our mature SMS gateway API. Ideal for those with technical skills, txtNation Gateway is everything you need in a mobile gateway solution, empowering you to build your own solutions to your exact requirements end-to-end.
JunglePay An award-winning mobile payment solution, offering three payment options (SMS billing, credit card and (phone) IVR billing) in a highly customizable interface that fits neatly into any website.
mFUSION A range of SMS campaign tools, for mobile marketing and advertising, offering competitions, voting, auctions, bulk SMS and more. Get your message out there with mFUSION.
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