It is commonly known that it is better to retain a current customer than to acquire a new customer. Many iGaming operators have experienced the difficulty of effectively re-activating lapsed players, with many traditional and new forms of communication being indirect or producing poor results. We now look at SMS as a tool to fix this problem.

Why use mobile messaging for retention?
Players are increasingly on mobile. With global smartphone penetration up to 22% in 2013, from 5% in 2009, it is clear that this is likely to increase, with more players having the ability to gamble on their handsets.

Email has often been used as a retention and reactivation tool, however, response times are on average 90 minutes, compared to 90 seconds for SMS. Over 90% of SMS messages are read, but email open rates generally vary between 20-30%. The key point here is that SMS messages are direct and therefore more likely to be read by the end-user.

Another common form of retention marketing is to use call centres to phone lapsed customers, ensuring new promotions and features are communicated to player base at all levels. This, however can be a grey area, with partners and family being able to answer the phone. SMS offers a direct form of communication to the customer’s phone.

SMS also offers a 2-way stream, allowing you to work closely with players and develop relationships with them through regular one to one correspondence. SMS response rates are generally between 15-30%, meaning you are likely to gain the insight, with the intrusion and cost associated with call centres.

Why use mobile messaging for retention?
SMS can be used for offers, welcome messages, confirmations, updates and questions. The graphic below shows examples of messages that could be used.

SMS for Retention and Re-activation

Webinar: Increasing Conversion and Retention for iGaming
Wednesday 26th March, 14:00 (GMT)
We are presenting a webinar to cover ways in which you can effectively increase conversion rates and retain your current customers, through mobile. Register here.

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