We have seen many businesses save significant amounts of money by replacing other forms of communication with SMS, or adding SMS into their strategy. This is not only due to the price of sending an SMS message, but also due to the quickness and high open rates of mobile messaging.

We have recently looked at ways to acquire new customers with mobile messaging, retain current customers and add value. This week, we look at the cost-saving associated with SMS marketing.

Many businesses that have moved from traditional postal communication for appointment reminders and notifications to SMS have seen great savings in resource and paper costs. For those who would usually contact their customers via telephone, they are able to save time and therefore money by switching to SMS.

The cost-saving goes further than resource and materials, as SMS offers a quick and timely form of marketing, allowing you to sell products at the last minute, avoiding waste. For travel companies and event organisers, disruptions and changes in service can be communicated to customers, not only to improve their overall experience, but to reduce the amount of resource needed to communicate the news in person.

Where we have worked with businesses to send appointment reminders by SMS, they have seen a drop in missed bookings, meaning savings in time and money.

To further increase the savings, an HLR lookup allows you to see which of the mobile phones on your contact database are turned off, to save you from attempting to send time-sensitive information to those who will not read it straight away. The lookup also allows you to see which mobile numbers are currently inactive.

By using our bulk SMS APIs bulk SMS APIs, you can integrate our messaging solutions into your software. Our HLR Number Lookup can also be integrated, so you can make ongoing savings on your mobile messaging communication.

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