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As Mobile World Congress approaches, we are looking at ways in which mobile messaging can be used to boost long-term sales. This week, we look at ways it can be used as a marketing tool, to build awareness and increase customer acquisition.

SMS can be extremely effective as part of a full marketing strategy, as it offers high open rates and directness, unrivalled by other tools. For the best results, email, website and print marketing can be used for the longer communications, with mobile messaging adding the quick, direct communication, with a simple call to action.

Here are some ways you can use mobile messaging as a marketing tool:

Outbound SMS Campaigns
SMS for Marketing
With a mobile data list, you can reach new customers, straight to their handsets. When you purchase good data, as provided by txtNation, you get targeted end-users who are happy to receive information.

Many other providers of data lists extract information from census data, which they match up with corresponding phone numbers, resulting in low success rates. We work with providers with accurate and usable data, based on advanced profiling technology, which has had an HLR lookup, meaning you get a higher success rate on your campaigns.

Once you have a data list, you can use SMS messaging to reach out to those potential customers. We have seen many offers successfully used to entice end-users to sign up. The call to action can be a link to a mobile website, instruction to reply by SMS or direction to purchase in a physical shop or visit an event.

SMS for customer referrals
Another way to reach new customers is through your current contact list. With a simple SMS message to your customer base, offering an incentive for them to tell their friends about your business, you can quickly build the numbers of referrals.

Word of mouth is a strong method of building your reputation and increasing sales. SMS makes it easier for your customers to be impulsive, as they have their contacts on their phone, within easy access.

txtNation are attending Mobile World Congress 24th-27th February in Barcelona. If you would like to arrange a meeting with us or to discuss how mobile messaging can benefit your business, please contact us.

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