txtNation’s compliance officer Brooklyn Bhandari attended premium telecoms regulator PhonepayPlus’s recent seminar on compliance.

The meet-up on 27th May focussed on Due Diligence, Risk Assessment and Control (DDRAC), outlining changes to the new Code of Practice governing premium-rate mobile services in the UK.

txtNation remains committed to best practice to ensure consumers receive secure, reliable services and that our clients are able to deliver exciting and innovative new business models whilst maintaining compliance with key requirements.

We are proud to work alongside our clients and the wider industry to learn and influence how services are undertaken.

PhonepayPlus has now made their presentation available for anyone to view (PDF).


We’re delighted to offer our clients a clearer way to request support. Over the next few weeks, we are migrating all our client support to a new system administered through Zendesk, a leader in support software solutions.

Your support will still be supplied by our in-house experts, but using Zendesk rather than our own support system. We want to invest more time in giving you support rather than in the upkeep of our underlying, in-house support systems. This maximises our time for you.

Keep accessing support via sd.txtnation.com for now, but that website will be updated soon to reflect the wholesale changes to client support that we have been planning under our Support Improvement Program.

As well as a refreshed support system, we will be launching a new version of our txtNation.com home page, and big new features for our Widget billing solution shortly.