Our new billing solution mENABLE Widget, which is becoming more and more popular with our clients for its ease-of-use, now provides dynamic pricing tools, allowing websites to send pricepoints to the Widget on-the-fly.

In the past, if you had many different goods or services in your inventory, you would need to use either a different Widget for each item, or a drop-down menu in the Widget, listing all these set prices. This is fine for small inventories, but not useful if you have many services on offer or if prices change regularly or per transaction.

Now, you can use a simple API to send pricing direct to the Widget. This means one Widget on your site and no lengthy drop-down menus to wade through.

The API is also useful if you want to build your own shopping cart or extend an existing one. When a customer buys multiple items from you, the total value of the goods can be sent dynamically to the Widget.

The Widget Dynamic Tools API is available right now and we’re actively working on other APIs to give you better control over the Widget.