Given the success of our messaging and billing solutions, we continually evaluate our technology to ensure it meets the needs of our clients. Our platform has served millions of messages to dozens of global locations, benefitting many thousands of clients and their end-users. As we look to the future and as clients demand increasingly sophisticated solutions, we see the need to introduce a number of large-scale improvements to that platform.

Our aim with our messaging solutions has always been ‘every message, every time’. To remain robust, and as we increase our global connectivity and refine our existing connections, we are building a new platform that is substantially more scalable. This involves migrating parts of our platform to a new technical architecture, with key investments in more hardware and more intelligent traffic-handling.

We have also evaluated how technical resources are allocated to each of our solutions. Decentralising our solutions from the long-standing core is our first major step. It means we can gear resources much more intelligently to suit each of our main solutions rather than treat their needs roughly the same. We recognise that our fast growth has meant tools like our control panel have not always kept pace with your expectations. The control panel, which is the main hub for all our solutions, could be quicker and more intuitive. We commit to making drastic improvements in that area.

In the coming weeks, we will keep you up-to-date about these improvements. In the meantime, all your txtNation services will run as normal on the existing infrastructure and continuity of those services is our prime aim during an exciting time for us and our many clients worldwide.

We’re delighted to announce the development of a new billing application powered by mENABLE. Code-named the “Widget”, we aim to make it easy to accept SMS, credit card or phone payments through a streamlined, fully-integrated application. We’re calling this approach “plug-and-pay” and it’s going to be hot.

Introducing The Widget

Scheduled for launch in early 2009, the “Widget” is going to bring 3 core billing options to an application that is blissfully easy to add to your web site. We’re working hard to make a billing window that allows your customers to buy products or services with as few steps as possible. On the back of our global infrastructure, we’ve ensured that, wherever your customers live, they can pay quickly and securely: SMS, credit card and IVR phone come as standard.

The small, unassuming “Widget” can be dropped into many different sites. It’s a true billing chameleon: change the size, colour or background image of the application window for true integration with your existing flow, and offer billing internationally in a range of languages, geo-targeted┬áto your market.