We are delighted with the positive response to our sixth-generation control panel, MytxtNation, and have introduced a few updates in the past week to enhance your use of our key tools.

We have now made it easier to request new services from MytxtNation. Simply visit the “All APIs” page for a clearer directory of all our available services and a new request feature, allowing you to select the mobile billing and messaging services of interest, which then gets shared with our business development teams.

An experienced representative, or your account manager if you have been assigned one, will then discuss the next steps to ensure we are all lined up. Our focus is on getting your services up and running, ensuring your compliance, technical and business needs are met.

You can find the “Request Service” button throughout MytxtNation. Click one or more services, or tell us about any bespoke needs not listed, confirm your email address or those of your partners, and submit. It’s the quickest way to tell us what you need directly from our control panel.

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We have a lot of experience dealing with customers of our client’s services. We take care of providing technical support so that our clients can get on with what they do best – developing their business and maximising revenues.

Using txtNationSD, our dedicated online support system, you can point your customers in the right direction for help with their billing or technical enquiries. Are you already a client of txtNation? The first step that you can take as a client is to ensure that you provide a link to SD on your site pointing to <http://sd.txtnation.com>. For established clients, you may still be advertising the support@txtnation.com email – which is now an unattended mailbox. Please update this to point to SD instead.

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