txtNation’s plug-and-pay brand JunglePay announces the addition of Payforit into its iconic billing app.

Taking UK microbilling by storm, Payforit promises quicker, securer payments for consumers and higher payouts for business, encouraging an elegant ecosystem of amazing new online and offline services.

Premium SMS services are already in high demand through JunglePay, at the forefront of frictionless, no-nonsense billing around the world. With Payforit, charges can be made directly to the end user’s contract or prepaid credit, making the whole payment experience even more seamless. Often in a couple clicks.

With Payforit front-and-centre on JunglePay’s discreet billing window, dubbed the “widget”, it couldn’t be easier to integrate this amazing gateway into a range of apps and websites.

Since premium telecoms regulator PhonepayPlus and mobile network operators signed off on Payforit as a replacement for Premium SMS, it’s crucial that UK businesses make the switch. JunglePay’s unique creation tool wizard makes it straightforward to get Payforit into new and existing services. Even for businesses with little technical experience.

With better payouts and a trustworthy billing experience, we encourage you to discuss the options, allowing you to leverage popular consumer billing without the fuss. Start mobilising your business with us.

If you do premium rate business in the UK, you will need to register with the regulator PhonepayPlus by September 1st 2011.

On that date, it will be mandatory to register your business for regulatory reasons. This is not optional. We will be monitoring all our clients doing premium traffic in the UK to ensure that they are registered.

It is essential that you take steps now to register if you have not already done so.

The good news is that registration is quick and easy, using an online form. There is a one-time cost of £80 +VAT to register. This rises to £100 +VAT on September 1st.

Once you register, please let our team know your registration number. Your txtNation service may be at risk if you fail to let us know. You can contact your account manager or our support team to do this. As always, we are here to advise you if you have any concerns or questions.

The registration ensures that all individuals and businesses involved in premium rate services involving UK consumers are transparent, trackable and responsible. This clarifies the relationship between service providers and information providers and their customers, removing grey areas and ensuring consistent communications.

Every individual and business (including but not limited to marketers, aggregators, mobile networks, billing providers) who supplies premium rate services of any kind, and at any stage of the value chain, to consumers who live in the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, must register with PhonepayPlus.

If you are an international client, based outside the UK, but who supplies such services to UK consumers, you must still register by September 1st 2011.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We’re delighted to announce our participation in two major industry events: Internet World 2011 and Telemedia360.

Internet World 2011 promises to be as big and colourful as ever, bringing a range of industry figures under one roof. With a special MobileZone section added to cover all things in mobile computing and transactions, we just had to be there.

The event is in London between 10th and 12th May 2011.Let us know your availability and we’ll meet you there at a time of your choosing.

Another popular event is Telemedia360, which we are delighted to attend and is always something we look forward to. It’s in Leeds on the 11th May, so say hello if you are in attendance.


We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be taking part in ad:tech this year. It is one of the biggest digital marketing exhibitions in the world. We’d really like to meet you there.

The ad:tech franchise hosts big events in major cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and London, where we will be between 24-25 September 2008. Taking place at the National Hall, Olympia on Hammersmith Road, we’ll be gathered at stand 240.

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We’re delighted that SMS Text News, a favourite read of ours and many in the mobile sector, has picked up on our association with best-selling wine brand Blossom Hill.

We provide Blossom Hill with SMS and MMS messaging services for their summer campaign. You can find the campaign advertised across the UK on special promotional bottles.

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