Mobile Gambling, the importance of going mobile

As ICE Totally Gaming, the largest, most comprehensive and international B2B gaming exhibition in the world approaches, now is the time to look at the iGaming space, and the importance of moving across to mobile for marketing and payments.

Statistics show us that operators offering services across mobile and desktop see 50% of their customers using both to play, with 30% using only their handsets. We also know that the amount of gambling related search queries from mobile handsets has seen huge growth in recent years.

According to research by Gaming Club, the mobile gambling market it set to be worth more than $100 billion by 2017, due to the growth in smartphone use, allowing for easier access on the go.

Along with the improved experience for end-users, the growth in mobile gambling also offers a number of benefits to operators. With players always available to connect, a strong communication strategy can bring them onto the mobile site or app at any time, allowing for timely marketing, based around external events or internal offers.

Mobile Messaging for iGamingBefore mobile devices grew in popularity, when end-users accessed online games only on their desktops, the methods of communication that reached them where they played, were online advertising, website and email. Now that users are on mobile, they can be reached by far more communication methods, where they play, including SMS messaging, which has far higher open and response rates than email.

It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email, but just 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. SMS is a seriously powerful tool for communicating with customers. Gambling operators that don’t take advantage of this, miss out on potentially regular communication with players, direct to their handsets.

Direct Mobile Billing for GamingAs well as marketing, another way to take advantage of the growth in mobile gambling is through the increased conversion rates of mobile payments. As customers use smaller screens on their mobiles compared to desktop, entering credit card details can be fiddly. Mobile payments are simple, fast and don’t result in as many drop-offs.

Michael Greenberg, txtNation’s NBDO for iGaming commented “Mobile gambling and gaming has gone from niche to mainstream in a relatively short amount of time. If recent figures are anything to go by, we have even more growth to look forward to, but more importantly, to prepare for.”

txtNation will be exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming at ExCeL London, 4th – 6th February at stand N12-252. If you would like to book a meeting with us, please contact us.

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