USSD MenuWhat is USSD?
Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) allows high speed and interactive communication between businesses and end users. txtNation’s USSD Gateway provides has for some time provided the option of notifications, which are one time messages to a handset, with no interaction, but has recently introduced USSD Menus.

When communicating with your current and potential customers, you want to reach as many of them as possible. In some areas, when using web based promotions, a lack of broadband or 3G connection can be an obstacle, however USSD notifications and menus can be received through customers’ mobile networks, so poor 3G coverage doesn’t become a problem.

Why use USSD?
These days, we may be able to take advantage of more modern technologies when contacting customers, but the necessities of building trust, being relevant and being personal are still at the forefront of marketing. USSD notifications and menus are perfectly equipped for you to do this.

Unlike SMS, USSD notifications and menus are not stored on the device, which makes it safer for storing secure passwords or other sensitive information. It also uses a real-time connection, allowing session-based communication, ideal for customer service.

A good customer experience builds brand loyalty. USSD notifications and menus can dramatically improve the experience, giving you the ability to quickly and cost-effectively send essential and useful alerts to your customers, engage in interaction and send important information.

What is USSD used for?
These are the types of services in use today:

Banking: menus can be used to offer a customer secure access to their account. The non-permanent factor of USSD menus (they are not stored on the phone) and the quickness suits any business wanting to offer their customers the opportunity to access private information on their handset.

Surveys: USSD menus can work well as real-time surveys, cheaply and quickly.

Special Offers: Notifications can inform your customers of a last minute deal. As handsets need to be switched on for these to be received (with no ability to re-send the message) it means that you can be sure that those you contact will not receive the message when it is too late.

News Updates: Customers can receive news updates straight to their phones without filling their inbox.

Although USSD has been around for some time now, only the surface has been scratched in terms of its uses. This cost-effective, secure and quick service opens up plenty opportunities for customer engagement through updates, interaction and important alerts.

Find out more on our USSD Menu Wiki Page, read our common FAQs and contact us to find out how it can benefit your business today.

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