Taking a look inside MytxtNation and clicking on ‘Insights’ you will see more new incredible metrics that have been added.

Let’s take a closer look at all the additions.

Churn Rate

Currently available for UK Payforit. This metric is mainly relevant to clients using subscriptions, but can be also used for one-time billing.

Measuring how many users decide to continue paying for a subscription, what is the average length of a mobile billing subscription and the lifetime value of a customer allows you to evaluate the performance of your marketing.



Available across all countries with Mobile Billing. Shows the Average Revenue Per User, per market.



Currently available for UK Payforit. You can search for an end user or transaction and get a full payment breakdown over the subscription period.

View attempted billing, total user spend and failed billing to a particular user.

Insights Subscribers



View projected user spend:

Insights Projected


You can also view a timeline of billing.

Insights Timeline


These features compliment all the other metrics we recently added.

Login to your account to view: https://my.txtnaton.com/insights

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