We have enabled two new Direct MNO Routes on our routing platform to perform HLR Lookups.

The new routes bring the total coverage footprint up to over 800 operator networks in which mobile number lookups, also known as MNP (mobile number portability) checks can be produced.

Our HLR lookup routing is loaded with Direct Operator connects and we use local 3rd party routes, where our Direct MNO coverage does not reach.


txtNation Mobile Number Look up Outputs:

Feature Output HLR Lookup Real Time Look Up
Database scrub Error notification Yes Yes
MNP status, Billing & Routing  MCC + MNC Yes Yes
Location Country, Roaming flag No Yes
Subscriber Information Output No Yes
Subscriber Information Portability flag No Yes
Original network status Number range identity No Yes

You can run these services through txtNation’s HLR API or through the online MyHLR web platform.

*For corporate clients with operator use case approval, we can enable Cell-ID, LAC for location or tracking purposes.

In addition to basic MNP queries, we offer a scalable HLR and VLR bolt-on.

Michael Whelan, CEO of txtNation said, “The number of requests for our HLR has grown significantly in the past twelve months. Adding further coverage and precise lookup results has led to more service providers choosing us as their primary for HLR. We added several more direct MNO routes into our platform. This provides us with greater worldwide coverage and gives our customers access to the highest-quality data and MNP listings on the market.”

A key feature differentiating our HLR, is the network-grade infrastructure with multiple data sources queried for each lookup based on cost and quality of reporting.

Our new routes are now immediately available via our HLR API.

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