As txtNation continues to add more direct network connectivity and finalises its roadmap for a business development strategy in Belgium and surrounding markets, Hans Tjolle joins the company as Territory Manager for Benelux.

The company aims to increase its market share in Belgium over the next 12 months and setting up locally will help maximise the quality of service txtNation can deliver back to its domestic merchant / partner base.

Hans has already enjoyed successes in the payments sphere, having worked on a number of large enterprise projects in Belgium. He has a vast store of knowledge and experience in launching new services and implementing effective monetization and communication strategies in the Belgium market, as well as the wider Benelux region.

Hans was chosen to join txtNation as Territory Benelux due to the incredible value he is able to add to localising our brand and solutions and capitalising on his well established relationships in the market, at both merchant and network level.

Danny Marino, txtNation’s CBDO said “We are really excited to have Hans join the team and are looking forward to developing our strategy in Belgium and surrounding markets in the next few months.”

If you would like to discuss mobile billing and messaging solutions in the Benelux region, please contact txtNation.

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