txtNation was delighted to attend a Payforit Summit looking forward to exciting changes to the premium rate landscape encouraged by the rise of Payforit as a front-and-centre payment mechanism in the UK.

It was our opportunity to listen to those in the industry with a particular expertise in this field. Following introductory talks in the morning, we moved on to various practical meetings in the afternoon regarding regulatory and user trends.

The day was filled with informative insights from the likes of Vodafone, together with specific guidance on everything from regulations to digital marketing.

Highlights included a heads-up on unique new opt-in methods, the growth of in-app payments, and even in-store gateways for retailers.

For those interested in how the day was set out, here is our itinerary from the summit:


  • Summary and introduction to mobile payments (Tim Green)
  • Payment methods for capitalising app stores and future trends (CEO Main speaker)
  • mCommerce “state of the nation”  (Anne Caffrey – Vodafone)
  • Discusses how SME can use Payforit to take payments
  • Using mobile to empower the unbanked


Stream 2 session

  • In-app billing using PFI vs traditional methods.  Data provided by recent trials of PFI in app environments – MACH
  • The changing behaviour of smartphones and how they evolve – Simon Wingrove EE
  • Regulations for mobile payments and new developments – Vodafone
  • Customer Service and why it is mandatory – Gavin Dent – Empello Director.
  • Digital marketing trends – Big focus on Affiliate marketing and how best to use it without issue – Lawyer Emma Wright.
  • Using PFI to grow a small business – best options to work with PFI management group tools and market to PFI customers directly – Impulsepay

Interesting points:

  • PFI to use Facebook for verification to reduce friction for the end users. (could replace the web opt in/PIN method)
  • Total of 17 unique opt in flows to be offered to site longside traditional MO, Webopt in and MSISDN forwarding.
  • Huge focus on in-app billing as being the future of mobile payments
  • POS payments soon to also be using PFI – big future developments to bring mobile payments in store. (study finds large % of customers check bank balance in store using mobile before they walk to till and make payment – why not cut out this stage and simply have customer complete transaction whilst using mobile device – strategies to adopt this)
  • PFI Group working with regulation to allow physical goods to be purchased.

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