txtNation is delighted to announce a deal for brand new direct operator billing connectivity in Switzerland for txtNation clients, giving us exclusive access to consumers via the country’s largest operator, Swisscom.

This is another ‘direct, tier-one connection’ for txtNation into Swisscom for mobile billing.

As part of txtNation’s strategy for delivering first tier SMS messaging on a global scale, the addition of Swisscom will mark a significant expansion of our European operations. With agreements now in place, the company plans to integrate the new Swiss service by the end of this year, providing our clients with access to the country’s largest user base.

Talking positively of the expansion, Michael Whelan, txtNation’s CEO, says “The Swisscom deal is a positive further sign of our commitment to direct carrier relations, providing businesses with another channel for premium messaging and billing on a superb MNO. We’ve worked hard to get Swisscom aboard and we’re hard at work now to integrate them into our platform.”

txtNation has invested heavily in direct connections to the world’s mobile operators, continuing a trend that has seen lucrative first tier access to markets across Europe, including Ireland, Norway, Belgium and Sweden. Switzerland is another step in the company’s strategy for global reach.

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