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txtNation has now launched enhanced features to its Mobile Number Lookup services, adding more information and options for clients.

The new features include several new routes to cater for the growing demand and changeability in local network porting. txtNation are using more data sources, localised data checking and more real-time information, allowing businesses to make the most of the number lookup services.

HLR lookups allow businesses to clean their data lists, therefore saving money on their SMS marketing and mobile billing. txtNation now offers different plans, to cater to the needs of businesses.

Feature Output HLR Lookup Real Time Look Up
Database scrub Error notification Yes Yes
MNP status, Billing & Routing  MCC + MNC Yes Yes
Location Country, Roaming flag No Yes
Subscriber Information Output No Yes
Subscriber Information Portability flag No Yes
Original network status Number range identity No Yes

You can run these services through txtNation’s API or through the online MyHLR web platform.

Clients who wish to access number look-up services will need to contact their Account Manager about getting the right credit.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your business can benefit from txtNation’s HLR and MNP solutions, please contact us quoting “HLR new route.” Read more on our HLR Lookup options.

Developers, jump straight in - see our HLR API.


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