We have now migrated to new hosting facilities, giving us superior presence on cutting-edge hardware. This provides us with high-performance infrastructure ready for us to roll out unprecedented improvements to our messaging platform in the coming weeks.

A unique hybrid of private cloud and dedicated hardware boosts security, performance and scalability, all of which positively affects our worldwide clients and paves the way for a series of new service launches in the near future.

In making our move across to the new infrastructure, we have had a number of challenges. We thank all our clients who remained patient as we switched over. We kept issues down to a minimum but appreciate that some clients may have experienced occasional problems, which our technical teams have been on hand to fix.

Such pivotal projects are ambitious and do not always go exactly to plan, but we are confident that our platform has a very bright future as we make the radical changes necessary to improve the reach and reliability of our popular services. Thank you for your continued support.

As part of our migration, we introduced a few new IP addresses. Please make sure you have added these to your firewall white lists to ensure continuity of service.

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