txtNation to rebrand as MessageCloud.


The rebrand will go live in the third quarter, with a focus on business messaging and payments. CEO Michael Whelan described MessageCloud as a “simple, timeless and functional” brand with a focus on their new mantra, “Messaging in the Cloud”.

A new logo and social media handles have been created and a new website (messagecloud.com) will be launched alongside the new platform, replacing the current txtNation brand.

“The name txtNation served us well, but it also limits us – the word “txt” is in the name, after all. After building a platform in MessageCloud that processes millions of transactions across our cloud technology in mobile messaging and payments, across multiple markets around the world it become clear that a change was needed,” said Michael Whelan, txtNation CEO. “Our cloud technology has the power to transform mobile messaging into leading experiences to the delight of both users and brand advertisers.”

“We really are a new company with a new value proposition, this is now a representation of mobile messaging and the direction we’re taking. The changes we’ve undergone are not minor, but major surgery. This rebrand is to reposition MessageCloud as the leader in mobile messaging.”

MessageCloud will launch with a new technology and web platform, being more scalable and optimising lead times for clients.

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