Mobile billing and messaging company, txtNation has launched an improved customer flow for mobile billing in Sweden, enabling ‘Single Click’ with WyWallet, in a push to optimise their payment experience for the mobile web.

The necessity for improved flows has come about from client feedback following txtNation’s work in the iGaming, Dating and PPV / VoD industries.

Recent studies have found that over 50% of the Swedish population access the internet on their mobile handsets, with the figure expected to jump to over 60% in 2015. The population of the country is around 9.5 million, with a mobile penetration rate of 149%, meaning there is still a lot of growth in mobile internet use likely to happen in the next few years.

The improved ‘Single Click’ mobile billing option allows for an optimum payment experience when used on mobile web (or WAP).

Flow ‘Single Click’ for Mobile Web in Sweden:

1. Customer makes first mobile operator payment online, for example through PIN (OTP)
2. Next time the customer gets the option to enable ‘Single-click’ payments
3. One-click purchase is being made by the consumer choosing a product and pressing “buy”

‘Single Click’ ability can be made available following the first transaction.

txtNation has already launched ‘Single Click’ payment flows in several markets and is set to offer the service in more countries over the following months.

How ‘Single Click’ Payment in Sweden works:

First time user:

Sweden Phone WiFi PNG

Mobile Web; Mobile Network

Sweden Phone WiFi2 PNG

Mobile Web; Mobile Network














2nd (repeat) time user:


Sweden Phone WAP4 PNG










This is an example and for guidance on how it could look. The payment page(s) and flow is customisable via a pure API.

txtNation enable mobile payments in Sweden in partnership with the mobile networks; Telia, Tele2, Telenor, 3 and WyWallet, providing the interface as a gateway to the platform via mobile operator billing.

3 tdc tele2 telenor telia

WyWallet was formed as a joint venture between all the Swedish mobile networks Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3.

WyWallet Sweden txtNation

txtNation now is now launching its first clients with the ‘Single Click’ flow, allowing them to take advantage of this lucrative mobile market.


Further Swedish Flows; PC and Tablet can be seen below:

This is an example and for guidance on how it could look. The page(s), (front end experience) is customisable via our API.

PC WiFi Swedish Mobile Payments

PC with WiFi

Tablet with WiFi

Tablet with WiFi

Read more about txtNation’s WyWallet, Single-Click and see our API. If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from ‘Single Click’ mobile billing, please contact us.

For more information on the regulations surrounding ‘Single Click’ and how to enable this flow, please read the txtNation Swedish FAQ. Read our previous blog: WyWallet – Sweden’s Mobile Payment answer.

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