Following on from the release of USSD notifications (flash messages) in Quarter 2 of this year, txtNation is delighted to announce the availability of its USSD Menu Gateway, enabling clients to cost-effectively facilitate real-time communications between themselves and their end users.


This low-cost service allows businesses to engage in longer-form communication with their customers than can be provided in one SMS message and does not rely on a 3G connection, opening up opportunities to target “3G blindspots.”


USSD Menu Screenshot

USSD menus can be accessed virtually any mobile network and can be displayed by on 99% of handsets, further increasing its international potential.

txtNation’s Chief Business Development Officer, Danny Marino, commented: “We believe the addition of the USSD menus to our portfolio of solutions should allow service providers more options to reach and engage with their customers. Especially in low infrastructure territories such as Africa and Latin America. We can enable the technology and leave it to our clients to be creative with the customisation.”

Unlike SMS messaging, USSD is not stored on the end user’s phone, meaning this is a secure service which lends itself to use cases like banking services and account editing. Real-time interaction in the form of surveys is a clear potential use of USSD menus.

Find out more on our USSD Menu Wiki Page, read our common FAQs and contact us to find out how it can benefit your business today.

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